Over 75 Years of Air Traffic Control in the Isle of Man 1937 - 2014
Also including Military Radar and Air Defence Control in the 1940s & 1950s
Ronaldsway has served as the airport for the Isle of Man since 1934 when a license was granted for public transport operations from a large field on Ronaldsway farm, in the south of the island. A rival northern airport was also established at Close Lake to the west of Ramsey. 
Named 'Hall Caine Airport' after the famous Manx novelist, it operated from 1933 until 1937. During WW2 Ronaldsway was
taken over first by the RAF and then the Royal Navy but continued operating (with both military and civil ATC) as the island's airport.
RAF Airfields were constructed at Jurby and Andreas in the north of the island.
1930s  A wooden building on the grass airfield
2010 -  Purpose built modern Control Tower
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Latest Updates:
8th July 2023
Updated information and pictures of the 'YG' beacon
1940s ATC
9th February 2023
Information on Jurby bombing and gunnery ranges.
1940s ATC
21st August 2022
List of radio and navigation aid frequencies from 1951
1950s ATC
21st August 2022
List of radio and navigation aid frequencies from 1982
1980s ATC
21st August 2022
Lists of radio and navigation aid frequencies 1961 & 1969
1960s ATC
27th January 2022
Updates and new pictures for HMS Urley Radar Station
1940s ATC
18th January 2022
'Searchlight Assistance' Poster
1940s ATC
18th January 2022
Pictures of 'Craig Computor' as used at TFCC
1940s ATC
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