January 2018
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6th January
I'd originally intended and planned for some drone flying in the St Jude's area and then on the north west coast, but despite it being sunny in 
Onchan, by the time and reached the Bungalow there was thick cloud cover and at Sulby and Ballaugh it was raining heavily!  So I diverted so a
secondary site I'd wanted to fly from, Lady Port on the west coast between Kirk Michael and Peel, flying from the old Manx Northern Railway line.
DJI Phantom 4 Pro  5/1/18
On the way home I stopped to take a few pictures at sunset and just after.   Panasonic TZ60  5/1/18
7th January
This morning was the occasion of the last slipway launch of the current Douglas Lifeboat, the 'Sir William Hillary', named after the founder of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution and a resident of Douglas.  The lifeboat is being replaced by a more modern boat, but will continue in service for a while yet, whilst modifications are made to the slipway to accommodate the new vessel.  Nikon D7100 7/1/18
18th January
Some pictures taken from the deck of the 'Ben my Chree' on passage from Douglas to Heysham last week.  Panasonic TZ60  10/1/18
On the return journey, the Liverpool skyline from 'Ben my Chree', moored at Twelve Quays, Birkenhead.  Panasonic TZ60 14/1/08
19th January
Four northern churches.  A trip around yesterday afternoon, visiting St Jude's, Sandygate, Jurby and Andreas churches.  The weather started off rather dull and grey for St Jude's and Sandygate, but inproved for the last two with a nice sunset at Andreas.  Nikon D7100 18/1/18
21st January
After what seemed like weeks of strong winds and poor weather, yesterday had light winds and the thick cloud present in the morning started to break up by lunchtime.  I was able to carry out a couple of drone flights that I had been planning for a while, in two areas of the north of the island.
DJI Phantom 4 Pro  20/1/18
Kerroogarroo Civil War Fort, Ballachurry.  Constructed in the 17th Century.
West Nappin Keeil site, Jurby.
RAF Jurby Turret Training Range.
Constructed in the late 1930s or early 1940s as an adjunct to the adjacent airfield at Jurby, this gunnery range allowed air gunners to practice shooting at a moving target from a representative aircraft gun turret.  Various turrets were provided, mounted on wheeled undercarriages so that they could be moved into position on the range as required.  The 'target aircraft' was mounted on a petrol engined railway vehicle that was protected by running outside a concrete and earth wall with only the target showing above.  Originally much further from the cliffs, erosion has left the westernmost part of the range precariously close to the edge, with the building that housed the target trolley already fallen and resting on the beach below.
Jurby Church
Various views around the Jurby Head area at sunset yesterday.
27th January
After days of windy weather, yesterday morning was almost calm with very few clouds, so I took the opportunity to do some aerial photograpy
around the outskirts of Douglas, flying from four locations.  DJI Spark  26/1/18
The Braaid
An important historical site close to the current hamlet of the same name, showing the convergence of Celtic and Norse cultures.  The site has the 
remains of a Celtic roundhouse and two Norse longhouses.  It is though that it was occupied until around the 11th or 12th centuries.
30 January
A walk down the Dhoon Glen yesterday afternoon.  The path descends around 600ft from road level to the sea in just over half a mile distance
and the glen contains the highest waterfall on the island.  Nikon D7100 & DJI Spark  29/1/18
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham