December 2017
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2nd December
Some aerial pictures taken in the Kirk Michael area around the middle of the day yesterday.   DJI Spark  1/12/17
The DJI Spark has a built in Panorama Mode, with several options available.  The pictures below were taken with it, making a series of 21 pictures which are saved individually and can then be stitched together in the drone control program after the flight, although I prefer an external program, PtGui.
3rd December 
Aerial pictures taken at Bay ny Carrickey this morning  -  DJI Phantom 4 Pro  3/12/17
4th December
From the second flight yesterday morning, at Port St Mary.  -  DJI Phantom 4 Pro  3/12/17
12th December
Some aerial pictures taken yesterday afternoon.  I missed the arrival of the snow due to being across in Chester, but there's still plenty around!
DJI Phantom 4 Pro  11/12/17
13th December
Three sets of pictures that have all been altered using some of Paint Shop Pro's many filters and distortion effects.
The Laxey Wheel
Port Erin Lifeboat - each picture here combined from five original shots from the drone for the motion effect, using Paint Shop Pro's HDR tool.
'Away' Android phone pictures in Chester, processed with Paint Shop Pro's 'Circle' tool.
Isle of Man Snowglobes, Paint Shop Pro's 'Circle' tool again.
17th December
Aerial pictures taken in the Port Soderick area yesterday morning on a trip out to photograph action on the Steam Railway where 'Santa Trains' were operating from Douglas to Santa's Grotto at Santon Station.   The snow has all gone and the island is back to its usual green colour.
DJI Spark  16/12/17
19th December
Some aerial pictures on a sunny winter's morning yesterday.  DJI Spark 18/12/17
Marown Old Church (St Runious).  Originally dating from around 1200 it has been altered on several occasions since.  In 1853 it was displaced by the new St Runious, down in the valley and eventually fell into disrepair.  It was restored by volunteers in 1959 and is still used for special services.  Three Isle of Man Bishops are reputedly buried within the churchyard.
More pictures from two locations along 'The Rocky Road', that runs from by St Runious towards Archallagan Plantation
Three panoramas from above the Rocky Road, twenty one images for each, shot automatically by the DJI Spark and then combined together on the computer using PtGui.
24th December
Ships in Douglas Harbour yesterday morning.  Apart from the 'Manannan' and 'Voe Vanguard', I think they're all associated with the offshore wind farm developments to the east of the island.   Nikon D7100  23/12/17
Pictures taken around the Douglas harbour area.
Around Ramsey Harbour in the afternoon.  Nikon D7100 23/12/17
27th December
A suitable drone flying window opened up in the weather yesterday (low winds and no precipitation) and I paid a visit to Peel in the afternoon.  Initially pictures of Peel Castle from various angles, then a walk up to Corrin's Tower on Peel Hill.  Unfortunately by the time I arrived there it was close to sunset (16:00 yesterday)  and with cloud obscuring the sun the lighting was not very good.  DJI Phantom 4 Pro  26/12/17
A few more from yesterday afternoon at Peel.  DJI Phantom 4 Pro,  Panasonic TZ60
25th December
Merry Christmas to all visitors!
28th December
Niarbyl and Peel yesterday afternoon.   Nikon D7100 27/12/17
29th December
A couple of aeriel photo sorties yesterday afternoon.
Howstrake/Groudle  DJI Phantom 4 Pro  28/12/17
St Adamnan's, Lonan Old Church.  Originally an early Christian Keeil site later developed into a church..  Replaced by a new
church in the 1800s it fell into disrepair but was restored in 1895, although part of the building consists of the walls only.  DJI Spark  28/12/17
31st December
Pictures around Castletown Harbour this morning as overnight gale force winds were subsiding.  Nikon D7100  31/12/17
St Michael's Isle
Well that's about it for pictures in 2017, it's just after 6pm here in the Isle of Man as I type this, so some of you will already be into 2018!  This year's tally of new pictures on the website is 1,344 general Isle of Man Pictures, plus 143 of the island's railways and 100 aircraft and others taken 'away'.  The Railways and Aircraft pictures have been lagging behind usual counts this year, but the big increase was in the aerial pictures.  I'm really enjoying taken these and sharing them with you and out of the total pictures in 2017, 772 of then were taken using a drone.   Hopefully I'll be carrying on the picture taking, both from the ground and the air, in 2018 and I hope you all keep coming back to the site to see what I can offer you.
Best wishes to you all for 2018 and finishing with a picture I like from back in July, of Maughold Head with the hills behind.
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham