February 2018
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3rd February
Aerial pictures of Keeil Vreeshy and in the Cronk Breck area taken yesterday morning.    DJI Spark  2/2/18
4th February
Pictures taken yesterday afternoon in the Ballabeg and Grenaby areas.  Nikon D7100 3/2/18
5th February
Aerial photographs taken yesterday morning.   DJI Phantom 4 Pro  4/2/18
All Saints Church, Lonan. (Lonan 'new' church, constructed in 1834)
Around Agneash village.
A panorama of Glen Roy
The Silvery Gibbons at the Curraghs Wildlife Park yesterday afternoon.   Nikon D7100 4/2/18
A couple of wild wallabies out in the Curragh
6th February
Some pictures from the mountains this afternoon after some overnight snow falls.  Nikon D7100 6/1/18
Some sunset clouds from Birch Hill tonight.  Nikon D7100 6/1/18
9th February
Aerial pictures taken yesterday afternoon of the crumbling cliff area on the north west coast between The Cronk and Jurby Head.
DJI Phantom 4 Pro  8/2/18
Three of the shots with a little more processing to bring out the colours on a rather dull afternoon.
10th February
Some more aerial pictures taken on Thursday afternoon.   DJI Phantom 4 Pro  8/2/18
Blue Point
Rue Point, The Ayres
There was time for a quick test flight with the little Spark, following a firmware update on the HTC phone used with the controller.
HTC Spark (plus Panasonic TZ60)
19th February
Some aerial photography at Garwick beach yesterday morning.  The weather was a bit on the dull side so no bright colours!
DJI Spark  18/2/18
22nd February
Aeriall photography from the Douglas Head area yesterday morning.  DJI Phantom 4 Pro  21/2/18
23rd February
More aerial pictures from Wednesday, this time in the afternoon at Niarbyl and Traie Vane beach.  I had some difficulty in deciding which ones
to put on the website, so there are more than usual!  DJI Phantom 4 Pro  21/2/18
24th February
Final pictures from the Niarbyl and Traie Vane trip on Wednesday afternoon.  A few ground level ones taken on the walk back from Traie Vane to the car at Niarbyl, but when I arrived back the sun was about to set giving some lovely warm lighting. As I still had a spare battery for the Phantom, I carried out another flight for a some pictures before the light went.  Panasonic TZ60 & DJI Phantom 4 Pro  21/2/18
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham