March 2018
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1st March
Pictures from the Foxdale, Cregneash and The Sound this afternoon in a biting cold easterly wind with the temperature around freezing
but feeling much colder than that in the gale force wind.   Nikon D7100  1/3/18
9th March
Some aerial pictures taken yesterday morning, flying from the lower slopes of Beinn-y-Phott, near the Barndywell Road.
DJI Phantom 4 Pro  8/3/18
After taking the previous shot I continued on to The Bungalow, intending to carry out a flight in that area, but as the winds seemed fairly light I
climbed Snaefell instead and flew from a location close to the summit.
10th March
Some more aerial pictures from Thursday. This time in the afternoon at Poort Mooar and Maughold. No snow here!
DJI Spark  8/3/18
12th March
A few pictures from a visit to the Curraghs Wildlife Park yesterday afternoon.  Nikon D7100 11/3/18
Various pictures taken over the last few days.
14th March
Aerial pictures taken in the Tholt-y-Will and Sulby Reservoir areas near sunset on Monday afternoon.   DJI Spark  12/3/18
15th March
Some pictures from a visit to Port Erin on Tuesday afternoon.  Panasonic TZ60  13/3/18
29th April
Although these pictures were taken in March, due to traveling soon after I didn't have time to produce the web pages for them until now!
Injebreck Reservoir, house and hill  20/3/18
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham