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There are thirty one new Railway pictures taken on the last day of 'Year of the Railways' (30/7/23) in Railways 2023 Pt 2
I took these pictures on a walk around the streets of Ramsey yesterday afternoon.
Panasonic FZ82 1/8/23
There are eighteen new Railway pictures in Railways 2023 Pt 2.  Taking a look at some of the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway trams inside the depot, then going on to look at two of the horses being prepared and hauling the double deck tram on a special trip to the temporary terminus near Broadway.
Yesterday afternoon I took a walk down the Dhoon Glen, chosen from other option mainly to get away from the strong wind!
Panasonic FZ82 3/8/23
There are four new Railway pictures in Railways 2023 Pt 3.
Yesterday the weather was poor for a lot of the day, with torrential downpours of rain in the morning.  However, a 'window' seemed to be opening up around late morning, and with the rain stopping and wind dying down I managed to get a couple of drone flights in from two locations.
DJI Mini 2 5/8/23
A photography session yesterday morning on the eastern edge of Bay-ny-Carrickey.
DJI Mini 2 & Panasonic TZ200  6/8/23
Wallabies and butterflies.  On Sunday afternoon we paid a visit to the Wildlife park.  These pictures were all taken on the nature trail that takes you out of the main park area and on paths and boardwalks through the Ballaugh Curragh wetlands area.  Sometimes you see the wild wallabies, sometimes you don't!
Panasonic FZ82 6/8/23
A couple of shots taken hand held from the window in the early hours of this morning (02:40).  A partially illuminated moon and Jupiter.
Panasonic FZ82 8/8/23
Yesterday afternoon the weather looked suitable for both hill walking and drone flying, so I set out to walk in the hills above Ballaragh and capture some aerial shots of the heather, which is in full bloom up there now.  I flew from three different locations during my walk, but have decided to group the pictures together by category, firstly conventional shots, then linear panoramas and finally 360 degree panoramas.  I didn't take a conventional camera (forgot to!) so all the shots area aerial.
DJI Air 2S 8/8/23
The 360 degree Panoramas.
Don't forget to click the big images for the interactive versions.
Yesterday morning I took a trip down to town and took these pictures, mainly nautically themed around the harbour.
Panasonic FZ82 10/8/23
On Thursday afternoon I set out heading north to look for some suitable weather for more aerial photography, as a weather app I have ('') had suggested that there might be less cloud there than over the centre or south.  It wasn't perfect but I think I managed some good shots flying from three different locations.
DJI Mini 2 & Air 2S 10/8/23
Guthrie's Memorial, Mountain Road.  -  Mini 2
Bride Village  -  Mini 2
The Point of Ayre  -  Air 2S
A little trip down to the south of the island yesterday afternoon, starting with a visit to the ATP aircraft restoration project at the Ronaldsway Museum, before heading onwards to Hango Hill at Castletown and then to Langness.
Samsung Galaxy A71 & Panasonic FZ82 12/8/23
Preserved British Aerospace ATP 'G-MAUD' Manx Airlines.
Externally the aircraft looks great and the flight deck has been fully restored. All that is now needed is to re-convert the aircraft from the freight configuration that it ended its operational career in, back to a Manx Airlines passenger layout.  All the parts are available, but Ivor Ramsden would love some willing assistance in re-fitting it!
If you could spare a few hours to help out you can contact him via the Ronaldsway Aviation and Military Museum.
Castletown Beach and Hango Hill
My original plan had been to carry out some general 'scenic' photography around Fort Island, but as soon as I arrived there a large blanket of cloud covered the sun!  However, I'd noticed a quantity of seals hauled out on the rocks just across the inlet from the island, so decided to photograph them instead.
Some nautical activities in the bay yesterday, with one huge cruise ship there all day and another arriving in the evening.
Panasonic FZ82 & DJI Mini 2
An evening trip to Port Erin yesterday, to take some aerial pictures around sunset.
DJI Mini 2  16/8/23
I managed to miss this picture when I was compiling the Port Erin sunset ones.  I came across it this morning when editing the next selection for the website, but couldn't see how to include it, so here it is as a stand alone image.
DJI Mini 2 16/8/23
Something that I find very relaxing is just pottering around on a deserted beach and there are a few on the west coast of the island that fit the bill.  I've been visiting this one over many years, it's not at all easy to get to as there is no defined path down the fairly steep cliffs, which have changed over the years due to erosion and slippage.  At the moment there is also chest high bracken to walk through on the way down.  Final cautionary point is that most of the beach is covered with water at high tide, with sections cut off behind small headlands.  Yesterday afternoon was an ideal time to visit though, with a falling tide.
Panasonic TZ200 & DJI Mini 2  17/8/23
After quite a few days of inclement weather and winds to strong for drone flying, yesterday morning we had light winds and sunny weather, so I took the mini drone out up into the hills and ended up flying from three locations.  I was trying to capture the last bloom of the heather before it reverts back to the usual dull brown colours.
DJI Mini 2 23/8/23
Moving on to the second flying site, on the slopes of Injebreck Hill.
I didn't have time yesterday to process the pictures from the third and final flying location on Wednesday, so here they are.  The spot was on the hillside by Montpelier Plantation, in Druidale, a lovely location to view both from ground level and the air.
DJI Mini 2 23/8/23
After very heavy overnight rain, on Saturday morning I though that I would take a look at the Injebreck waterfall in case it had a good flow coming down.  I wanted to try using a drone for a vertical view, but in the event discovered that you can see very little from above due to the tree cover.
DJI Mini 2 26/8/23
After failing to capture the waterfall from above, I walked up the road for some ground level shots.
Panasonic TZ200
I was a bit time restricted as the roads were closing at 11:00 for the Manx Grand Prix, so I headed on to my next flying location, on the hill above Injebreck.
Yesterday afternoon was sunny with light winds and I headed north to Port Cornaa for some aerial pictures.  I couldn't believe how busy it was, normally I'd be either on my own there or maybe one or two other cars, but I couldn't even park at the back of the beach and had to go back up the lane.  With so many people it restricted my flying a little, but a lot of them seemed to be heading upstream, so maybe there was a picnic or party up by to deep pool.
DJI Air 2S 30/8/23
After the flight at Port Cornaa, I headed northwards to Ramsey, to take advantage of the falling tide for some aerial photography at the South Beach, with particular emphasis on getting some shots of the Queen's Pier.  The pier was constructed between 1882 and 1885 (officially being opened in 1886), mainly to allow ships of the Steam Packet to call at Ramsey during all tide states.  The last ship called there in 1970 but the pier was kept open for pedestrians until June 1990 when it was closed on safety grounds. Unfortunately its owners, the Isle of Man Government, then just let if fall into disrepair, with the landing stage section being demolished.  In 2016 a group of enthusiasts obtained permission to restore the pier, estimated at costing £1.5 million pounds.  So far they have restored the first section, which is open to the public on summer sundays, and are working on the next.  Without government funding though, full restoration will take many years.
DJI Air 2S 30/8/23
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham