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Yesterday afternoon I tried a couple of 'comparison' flights, to compare 360 degree panoramas shot on the 'Litchi' control app with my custom settings, with the DJI 'Fly' app's automatic panorama settings.  The weather, which had been bright and sunny for most of the afternoon, had clouded over by the time that I was able to go flying and I had also forgotten that the 'Fly' app locks the exposure settings for the whole sequence on those of the first picture, which ended up with them being around a whole stop underexposed.  However, the PtGui app that I use to stitch the panoramas did a sterling job of making them usable!  Overall conclusion was that although using my settings in 'Litchi' makes for a much more adaptable end product, the DJI 'Fly' app also does a good job.  The location used was the tholtan of Honey Hill Farm, reached by a greenway road off the Creg-ny-Baa back road.  The single shots are a mixture of 'Litchi' and 'Fly' originated pictures.
DJI Mini 2 1/9/23
On to the comparison panoramas.  The first two were 78 image 'HDR' shoots using the Litchi app.
The next three panoramas were 26 image shoots using the DJI Fly app.
Overall I was a little disappointed with the results shot by 'Fly', but they did have a third less images to work with then the 'Litchi' produced one.  Also, me forgetting that the exposure is automatically locked after the first shot by 'Fly' didn't help matters, although I suspect that if I'd shot the panoramas with the ground correctly exposed, the sky would have 'burned out'.  As far as I can tell there is no way in 'Fly' to shoot panoramas with multiple 'AEB' exposures.
An almost full moon shot from home.
Panasonic FZ82 1/9/23
I had a walk out yesterday afternoon to locate some of the 'hidden' waterfalls in the upper section of Glen Auldyn.  They're not really hidden, just hard to get to!  I started out from Mountain Box on the Mountain Road and walked down into the glen from there, not very far in a linear (as on the map) distance, but a descent of around 600 ft from the road (and then back up again!).  I didn't really leave enough time to properly explore and I was pleased to have the drone to take most of the pictures for me, as I wasn't convinced that some of the waterfalls were really accessible from ground level.
DJI Mini 2  2/9/23
It's been a while since I photographed Castletown from the air.  Despite holding CAA permissions for drone flying within 5 Km of the airport, Air Traffic Control restrictions make fitting in drone flying between other movements very difficult, but I had identified that a few 'windows' existed at present.  The airport is still very short of qualified controllers and has to close for 35 minutes on several occasions through the day to fit in legally required fatigue breaks for them, during which the controlled airspace around the airport is disestablished. One of those is currently between 11:00 and 11:35 local time, so after checking with ATC that they would actually be closing, I managed to get these pictures.  The time wasn't ideal either for lighting or tide state, but you have to work with what you can get.
DJI Mini 2 3/9/23
Yesterday afternoon I visited the 'Hidden Valley', Glen Dhoo, which is to the south of Ballaugh.  Always a lovely and peaceful location, I made a slight navigation error setting off from where I parked the car and walked along totally the wrong (very steep!) path before realising that it might not be the correct way and consulting the GPS.  A backtrack was needed which delayed my arrival until after the shadows were starting to creep dow the western hillside.
DJI Air 2S 4/9/23
On the way home from the Glen Dhoo walk, I had a brief stop just off the Druidale road to shoot some aerial pictures of the Killabrega tholtan above Sulby Glen.  I might have been a longer flight, but the midgies put in an appearance and I curtailed the flight quickly!
DJI Air 2S 4/9/23
Yesterday I decided to try and reach the waterfalls in upper Glen Auldyn again, this time walking up the glen and leaving more time that before.  I hadn't realised quite how much altitude you gain on the walk up, from the map it's around 800 ft, but the GPS recorded over 1,000 ft probably due to me climbing up and down various hillsides trying to access the waterfalls.  Trying to save weight in the rucksack, I didn't take a 'proper' camera, just the GoPro, plus the Mini 2 drone in case I wanted any aerial shots.  Bit of a mistake really, as the GoPro is very much a 'point and shoot' camera and I really don't like the on screen swapping between modes, which seen really easy to inadvertently select!
GoPro Hero 9 & DJI Mini 2 7/9/23
Some aerial pics.
Back at ground level and starting to make my way back down the glen.
Sunset from Birch Hill.  I had just gone upstairs for something and took a look out of the window at the sunset.  The sun was just about to vanish behind Slieau Whallian with a distinctive cloud above it, so I rushed to get a camera to record it.
Panasonic TZ200 8/9/23
On the 7th September 1893, the Manx Electric Railway carried its first fare paying passengers on a fairly short single track line between Derby Castle, Douglas and Groudle Glen.  Constructed by the Douglas and Laxey Coast Electric Tramway Company, they also built the road running alongside the tramway, a hotel at Groudle and 'rustic walks' within the glen. Running for that season only lasted for 19 days but in that time they carried more than 20,000 passengers.  By the time the line reopened in May 1894 the original single line had been doubled and construction onwards toward Laxey was in full swing, the line to there opening in July of the same year, an amazing feat!  In the fullness of time the line was extended all the way to Ramsey, being completed in 1899.
Yesterday, the 10th September, a special celebration of the original line's 130th anniversary was held, with parallel running by the two surviving original 1893 cars and an intensive service to Laxey, where H.E. the Lieutenant Governor unveiled a commemorative plaque, with a band entertaining visitors and a 'Victorian Fair'.
I decided to try something a bit different, taking aerial shots of the trams in several locations between Douglas and Laxey.  Normally I would have put these into the separate 'Railways' section, but as they are more of the nature of 'Trams in the Landscape' I though that they should go into the general section.
DJI Mini 2 10/9/23
Although the main reason for yesterday's flights was to take pictures of the Manx Electric trams, I was also sidetracked into a few panoramas!
I hadn't planned in advance for these flights, but the conditions looked good first thing in the morning yesterday and after breakfast I set out to Archallagan Plantation, with the intention of mainly shooting some 360 degree panoramas.  I flew from two locations, on either side of the large plantation.
DJI Air 2S 13/9/23
Yesterday afternoon I went for a walk along the beach south of Jurby Head, taking a drone with me to get some pictures of the eroding sandy cliffs here and particularly of two old houses that are getting ever closer to the cliff edge, although there seems to be some work being carried out at one.  I had hoped for some brighter weather, but in the end the sun hid behind clouds all the time that I was there!
DJI Air 2S 14/9/23
After finishing the flight from the beach, I considered walking up to Jurby Head to view the 'Pasages' shipwreck, but decided against it as I would have had to wait for quite a long time for the tide to uncover it.  Instead I headed back south in the car to Cornelly Mine, to take some closer aerial pictures of it.
DJI Mini 2 14/9/23
For the latter part of September and most of October, we were away from the Isle of Man, ataying on our second adopted island home of Lanzarote, in the Canary Island.  This is an evening view of the mountains from the back garden of our rented villa in Playa Blanca.
Panasonic FZ72 23/9/23
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham