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A visit to Port Cornaa on Sunday morning.
Panasonic FZ82  1/7/23
Yesterday morning, the Isle of Man Steam Packet's brand new vessel 'Manxman' arrived at Douglas after an epic voyage from her builders in South Korea.  I took some pictures of her from home in the morning, then some more from Douglas Head in the late afternoon after all the crowds had gone!
Panasonic FZ82  2/7/23
A visit on Sunday morning to the excellent Jurby Transport Museum which has a large collection of buses and other transport vehicles, including the only surviving car from the Upper Douglas Cable Tramway.  Run entirely by volunteers and open every Sunday with free admission, although donations are very welcome!
I would have liked to add more descriptive labels to the picture, but unfortunately my knowledge of the vehicles is rather limited.
Panasonic FZ82 2/7/23
Some pictures of the Steam Packet's 'Manxman' and 'Ben-my-Chree' in Douglas Bay. 
All shot from my house at around two miles distance which has introduced some unavoidable heat haze distortion.
A rather miscellaneous collection of pictures taken over the last few days.
Panasonic FZ82
Views over the town from Douglas Head on Sunday afternoon when I was shooting the 'Manxman' pictures.
The Isle of Man Steam Packet's fast craft 'Manannan' approaches Douglas under a full moon.
On Thursday afternoon I went for a walk in Tholt-y-Will plantation, visiting two old tholtans that lie within the woodland.  I've visited them a few times before, but always starting from above, by the Druidale Road.  This time I started from the car park by the old Tholt-y-Will chapel and walked up.
Panasonic TZ200 6/7/23
On Thursday evening we had a trip from Douglas to Port Erin and back on the 'Pie and Mash' dining car train.  The weather was rather poor with rain for most of the time, but the food and company were good!  I didn't take a camera so these are just some phone pictures.
Samsung Galaxy A71 6/7/23
A few pictures taken at Niarbyl on Friday afternoon during a quick visit showing a visitor around.
Panasonic TZ200 7/7/23
On Sunday morning I took one of our visitors for a trip on the Groudle Glen Railway.  We caught the train from Lhen Coan and while he stayed on to the Sea Lion Rocks terminus, I alighted at Lime Kiln Halt to take some aerial pictures of the line and its picturesque surroundings. 
The railway was opened in 1896 as a tourist attraction for the scenic glen, but was finally closed and abandoned in 1963 and that was seemingly the end of it.  However, in 1982, the Isle of Man Steam Railway Supporters Association commenced a plan to restore the railway and by 1986 they had reopened the railway from Lhen Coan to The Headland, completing the line to Sea Lion Rocks by 1992.  Since then there have been many additional projects carried out to make the line more interesting to visitors.  Esteemed local author Barry Edwards has just published a superb new book detail the history of the glen and railway.
DJI Mini 2 9/7/23
On Sunday afternoon we took our visitor for a final 'scenic trip' around part of the island before they departed on the boat the following morning and one of the sites that we visited was Ballaugh Old Church.
Panasonic TZ200  9/7/23
On Tuesday afternoon we headed up to Close Sartfield, in the Ballaugh Curragh, for a wander around.  The wild orchid season is now over, but the meadows have not yet been cut for hay and there is an abundance of wild flowers and insects there.  My identification skills are not good, so most will remain unidentified!
Panasonic FZ82  11/7/23
After leaving Close Sartfield, we stopped for another stroll in one of the wetter areas of the Curragh.
We were downstairs preparing our evening meal when I noticed this amazing sunset sky from the kitchen window and dashed upstairs to 
shoot this picture out of the Velux window.
Panasonic TZ200  12/7/23
A little project that I had wondered about was to capture all three of the Steam Packet's passenger vessels from the air while they were in port at Douglas.  It needed a combination of circumstances, but the main ones were perfect weather conditions and me getting out of bed at a rather earlier time than usual!  Yesterday all the pieces fitted together and I managed to shoot these pictures.
DJI Mini 2 13/7/23
Whilst I was shooting the Steam Packet aerial shots on Thursday morning, I also shot some more general pictures.
DJI Mini 2 13/7/23
Another update to the Railway pictures, with Gallery 2 now uploaded covering pictures taken so far in July.
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This morning I've been working on the Railway pictures again and managed to complete them up to the end of June.
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We currently have a house guest, Star, and I took these pictures yesterday afternoon when we took her for a walk in the amazing Archallagan Plantation.  The GPS tracker recorded just under 4 miles for us, but Star would have run for way more that, chasing and retrieving her ball!
Panasonic TZ200 19/7/23
It was back to Archallagan yesterday afternoon with Star.  The plantation is large and there are so many paths around it and areas with different characteristics that it's difficult to get bored with it.
Panasonic TZ200 20/7/23
Sea fog drifts over Douglas Bay and past the Head.
Panasonic TZ200  22/7/23
Two contrasting days dog walking in Conrehenny Plantation.  On the first one low cloud was covering the hilltops all around with rain threatening.  The second was mainly bright sunshine with distant views of the mountains across the sea in Wales and England.  As ever, my identification of flora and fauna is poor!
Panasonic FZ82 22/7/23
Panasonic FZ82 24/7/23
There are seven new Railway pictures in Railways 2023 Pt 2,  'Fenella' at Peel and 'Caledonia' at Knockaloe.
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There are no less than 29 new Railway pictures now uploaded to Island Imgages Railways 2023 Pt 2.  Click any image below to track to that section.
Some aerial photography on Thursday afternoon in the west of the island, flying from two locations in the countryside.  The weather wasn't as bright as I had hoped, although better than in my first choice of location up in the hills, where the clouds were really dark and it was raining slightly!
DJI Air 2S 27/7/23
There are 21 new Railway pictures in Railways 2023 Pt 2, click any image below to head over to the section.
There are 15 new Railway pictures in Railways 2023 Pt 2.  Click any of the thumbnails below to head to the section.
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