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While a large number of the island's temporarily much expanded population were either watching the TT races or football Cup Final, we had a stroll along the Marine Drive, which was very quiet and peaceful, and I managed three drone flight for some aerial pictures.
3/6/23 DJI Mini 2
The Pigeon Stream
Port Wallberry
Fiddler's Green and the Marine Drive Archway
Moonrise from Birch Hill
Yesterday was another TT race day, so in the afternoon I headed for some peace and tranquility for a walk in the hills above Laxey.  Not a long walk, the GPS tracker logged slightly over four miles, but with a height gain/loss of around 750 ft.
Panasonic FZ82 7/6/23
We have had house guests staying for the last five days, so although I have been out and about and taking pictures, there just wasn't any spare time to edit them (it does take quite a lot of time!), but here is a start.  On Tuesday morning we all took a trip up to Snaefell summit on the trams from Laxey and the breeze was light enough up there for me do do some aerial photography.  Nice to see it so green, although it won't last long!
Panasonic TZ200 & DJI Mini 2 13/6/23
After our trip up to the summit of Snaefell, we continued from Laxey to Ramsey by car, for lunch at Milntown House.  After lunch we had a stroll in the gardens.
Panasonic TZ200 13/6/23
From Milntown we headed up to the Ballaugh Curragh, hopefully to show our visitors the wild orchids growing at Close Sartfield.  It was going to be a fairly quick visit though, as one of them was suffering from a bad attack of hay fever, with all the pollen blowing around.
Panasonic TZ200 13/6/23
For the second full day of our visitor's stay we headed south, dropping them off at Douglas for a trip down to Port Erin on the Steam Railway, then by car to The Sound for lunch in the cafe and a stroll around.  I took the opportunity to shoot some aerial pictures there.
DJI Mini 2 14/6/23
Thursday was the final full day of our visitor's stay on the island and after having a wander around St John's followed by lunch at Green's Cafe, we split into two sections with my brother and I electing for a walk down to the sea from Glen Maye village, while the girls went to Tynwald Mills then Peel.  We ended up meeting back at Peel (unplanned) when everybody decided that an ice cream from Davisons was a great idea on a hot afternoon!
Panasonic TZ200 & DJI Mini 2 15/6/23
Glen Maye
On Sunday morning I did a trip down to the southwest of the island and carried out a couple of drone flights.  The first one was taking pictures of the picturesque village of Cregneash and its surroundings.  Part of the village is a folk museum, but the other houses are still private residences.
DJI Air 2S 18/6/23
After shooting the Cregneash pictures on Sunday morning, I took a walk down the hill to see if conditions at The Chasms might be suitable for flying.  They were and I took these pictures, being careful to remain well away from the areas where birds are raising their young at this time of year.
DJI Air 2S  18/6/23
As a change to aerial pictures, here's a set mostly taken from only just above the surface of the sea!  On Tuesday afternoon I took the sit on kayak to Port Mooar to se if conditions were suitable for a paddle up to Maughold Head.  They were and these are some of the pictures I took.
GoPro Hero 9 20/6/23
A quick flight for some aerial shots before heading home from Port Mooar.
DJI Mini 2
These pictures were all taken on Wednesday afternoon when I had a walk up in the hills above the West Baldwin valley.  The start and end sections were on the Colden Warden's Walk, but I soon branched off that to make my way up to The Creg and Colden summit, rejoining the walk later on.
Panasonic TZ200 21/6/23
I took advantage of the last day of sunny weather on Thursday afternoon before it was forecast to deteriorate on the following day, with another walk in the hills.  Starting off part way along Glen Auldyn, I hadn't initially decided as the whether it would be just an out and back walk along the glen, or extending it considerably by returning via the tops and Sky Hill, which is what I did in the end.  I had the mini drone with me so carried out a couple of lights along the way.
Panasonic TZ200 & DDI Mini 2 22/6/23
I've been getting way behind on some sections of the website, the last time I updated the Aircraft section was in September last year!  Now I don't get down to Ronaldsway so often since I retired from ATC there quite a few years ago (don't think they ever actually managed to replace me!) but  have taken a few aircraft pictures since then, so this morning I tried to do a bit of a catch up.  Still not right up to date but here's the first offering, covering pictures taken from February to May this year.  Click any of the thumbnails below to head over to the section.
I've finished updating the aircraft section including pictures of this year's Red Arrows display and a visit by the iconic Avro Lancaster to Douglas.  The pictures are now split into two sections, click any of the thumbnails below to visit the second one.
I've also managed to complete producing web pages for the 360 degree panoramas I shot in April and May while we were in Lanzarote.  In the end there were 63 of them, mostly 360 degree interactice ones, but a few are 'linear' and there's also a few conventional still shots thrown in.
Click any of the thumbnails below to head over to their page which runs down in chronological order.
I took these pictures at a few locations yesterday while driving visiting friends on a trip around the northern end of the island.
Panasonic FZ82 29/6/23
These are all phone pictures that I took yesterday, wandering around central Douglas while waiting for a fault on my car to be fixed.
Samsung Galaxy A71 30/6/23
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham