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I took these pictures on a visit yesterday afternoon to the Cooildarry Nature Reserve, just south of Kirkmichael.  I hadn't been into the reserve for many years so didn't remember it well.  There are several paths that you can take but they don't link up, so I had to do fair bit of backtracking to where they join.  I did wonder if Manx Wildlife Trust, who own the reserve, were hoping to acquire more of the valley eventually so they could link the paths up.  There is an informative sign at the reserve entrance, that rather mysteriously tells you that it is open for 364 days per year, but doesn't mention which day it might be closed!
Panasonic FZ82 2/2/23
Yesterday morning was sunny and with (generally) light winds, so I took the opportunity to carry out some aerial photography.  The location I chose was the upper reaches of the Rhenass River, close to where the Beinn-y-Phott road starts to dip down towards Barregarrow after passing Brandywell Cottage.  The is an old tholtan, Cronkdoo, down on the hillside there that I thought would be interesting to photograph.
DJI Air 2S 5/2/23
With flying conditions still good yesterday, I decided in the afternoon to continue looking at the Rhenass Valley from the air, planning to work my way down from just north of Little London to where the Rhenass and Blaber Rivers join at Glen Helen before they continue to the sea at Peel as the River Neb.  I was mainly planning on shooting 360 panoramas, but as always shot some conventional scenes as well.
DJI Air 2S & DJI Mini 2 6/2/23
I've recently been doing a lot of work on the presentation of the 360 degree panoramas in their own section, now including a separate Locations Index for them.  One thing that came to light from that was that I didn't seem to have any specific one of Cregneash, so yesterday afternoon I thought that I would try and remedy that.  The weather was sunny but rather on the breezy side for the Mini 2 drone, so it ended up being a rather short flight!
DJI Mini 2 9/2/23
After stowing the drone back away in my rucksack, I continued with my planned walk, heading for Black Head and Spanish Head.
Panasonic FZ82 9/2/23
When I reached The Chasms, the wind seemed to have died down enough to attempt another drone flight for some aerial pictures.  I was still a bit breezy up aloft, so again I kept the flight time fairly short, but did manage a couple of 360 degree panoramas.
DJI Mini 2 9/2/23
A few more pictures that I shot from ground level on the walk from The Chasms to Cregneash.
A visit to Milntown House to see the Snowdrops and have lunch in the excellent cafe there.  After lunch we had a stroll around the gardens.
Panasonic TZ200 10/2/23
A little trip out yesterday afternoon for some aerial photography in the hills above Greeba.  I had hoped for some late afternoon sunshine as gaps seemed to be appearing in the clouds, but the opposite happened in the end and they closed up, making for some rather dull lighting in the end.  The was also quite a bit of smoke drifting down the central valley, it looked like from a fire somewhere in the Patrick area, its amazing how far smoke can drift.
DJI Air 2S 12/2/23
Yesterday I did a test flight to check out a possibly suspect battery on my Mini 2.  There was a chance that I might need to do a quick landing so I chose the moorland near Keppel Gate, where there is a lot of heather around for a soft landing!  The flight went without any problem in the end and I shot these 360 panoramas while I was doing it.  Weather conditions were quite interesting, with a moderate breeze but low level clouds drifting over the surrounding hills.  PtGui had a few issues stitching some of the images together so there's been a little cloning work done on the final products!  Click the larger images for the interactive versions.
DJI Mini 2 13/2/23
A few aerial pictures I took yesterday afternoon in the Glen Wyllin area by Kirkmichael.  Again the weather turned out a bit on the dull side!
DJI Air 2S 15/2/23
Old and new around Agneash yesterday afternoon!  Some aerial pictures of the old winding house for the North Shaft of the Great Laxey Mine and then the very new footbridge down by the remains of the Dumbell's Shaft water wheel case, closer to the village. 
Historical information from Andrew Scarffe brilliant 'The Great Laxey Mine' book
DJI Air 2S 20/2/23
A little trip out yesterday afternoon to the north east coast of the island, at Port Mooar and Maughold.
DJI Mini 2 23/2/23
After the flight at Port Moor, I followed the coastal footpath towards Maughold village.  I wasn't sure of its status as it had been officially closed recently due to land slippage and I had noticed a 'Footpath Closed' at the top of the road down to the beach.  However, there was nothing actually at the start of the footpath and it was certainly passable with a little care in places along the section that I wanted to walk.  Not sure how it is climbing up the cliff though.
Moving on to my third and final flying location of the day, near to Maughold village.
When I took these pictures we were really just out for a walk with a friend, starting form Peel and walking along the Rive Neb to The Raggat, but I had the little drone with me and took the opportunity for a flight for some aerial views.
DJI Mini 2 25/2/23
Yesterday afternoon we took a walk around the Langness peninsula, starting and finishing at Fort Island.  It's just over five miles the way we do it and took us just under three hours, but that does include a lot of stops for photography and looking at the wildlife.
Panasonic FZ82  26/2/23
I've been trying to carry our some aerial photography of part of the island that I've not covered before and yesterday afternoon visited the little village of Patrick, to the south of Peel.  Nowadays just a little community centred around the church, during World War 1 it became host to a huge internment camp for 'enemy aliens' situated on Knockaloe Farm.  The camp eventually housed around 24,000 detainees and was served by a branch railway line climbing up from The Raggatt, which was used for delivering the large quantity of supplies needed for such a large camp.  There is a visitor centre telling the story of the camp in the village, although  it is currently closed (should be opening in April), but also has a website full of information - 
The church is (to me) somewhat confusingly known as Kirk Patrick (Holy Trinity), not St Patrick's.
DJI Mini 2 27/2/23
After taking the aerial pictures at Patrick, I drove down the road to The Raggatt for a walk up to Peel Hill.  As I found out the following day I could have just walked from Patrick through Knockaloe Farm, but as the footpath is just a 'Permissive Path' and not a Right of Way, it isn't marked on the Outdoor Leisure map.  I was planning some more aerial shots of Knockaloe from the sea side, although the sun mostly hid behind cloud while I was there.
DJI Mini 2 27/2/23
As promised, some ground level photography at Kirk Patrick.
Panasonic TZ200 28/2/23
Last February picture.  This started off as six hand held shots for stitching into a panorama of 'The Plains of Heaven'.  I wasn't that impressed with the end result so set to work in it in Corel Painter Essentials 4 and Paint Shop Pro.  This is the end result!
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham