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Starting off the new month with a few pictures I shot on a quick visit to Douglas on Wednesday afternoon.
Panasonic TZ200 1/3/23
When I first moved to the Isle of Man, in July 1990, I was staying for the first month in a Port Erin Hotel, but using my time off work to explore the island.  I think that I drove up Sulby Glen one evening in the first few days and thought 'wow, this place is beautiful'.  I've never lost my love of the area and have spent a lot of time exploring in and above the glen, but one little side valley has always (so far!) eluded me.  It's not easily reachable on foot, so for quite a while I've had the idea of flying a drone up there for a closer look and yesterday afternoon tried it out.  As seems to happen to me quite a lot recently, the sun decided to hide behind clouds as soon as I was ready to fly, which has unfortunately muted the colours a little.  Maybe I'll return in the summer!
DJI Air 2S 6/3/23
After taking the pictures in Sulby Glen, I moved on to a second planned flying location in the north of the island, but conditions weren't really suitable for that location and I ended up doing a short flight close to the Point of Ayre, to try and capture some impressive clouds and the mountains of Scotland and England on the horizon.  The wind was picking up though which curtailed the flight to a very small area and short duration.
DJI Air 2S 6/3/23
Yesterday morning was bright and clear with light winds and I decided to do some aerial photography from a couple of locations adjacent to the Mountain Road.
DJI Air 2S  7/3/23
Windy Corner
Snaefell and the Bungalow
On Tuesday afternoon we took a walk in the sunshine along the Marine Drive, starting from the Douglas end by the ornamental archway.  We didn't quite make it all the way to Keristal before having to return, but I took a mixture of ground level and aerial pictures.
Panasonic FZ82 & DJI Mini 2 7/3/23
We had a lot of snow yesterday evening and overnight, so after a bit of clearance from around the house this morning, I walked up to the Centenary Park to capture some scenes before it all disappears again!
DJI Air 2S 10/3/23
Snow doesn't often last for long on the island, so I set off yesterday afternoon to capture a few more pictures of it.  Unfortunately my plan of driving up to the Glen Rushen Mines came to nothing as the roads were closed due to snow!  So I diverted and headed towards Cringle Reservoir, most of the photos were taken around that location, I tried to get up to Round Table but again the roads were closed, quite frustrating as they looked perfectly driveable and if they weren't I'm actually capable of deciding that and turning around or reversing, but it seems we can't be trusted to make sensible decisions ourselves these days.
Panasonic FZ82 11/3/23
Yesterday afternoon I set off for one location, decided en-route that there wasn't going to be enough time to get there as the Mountain Road was still closed due to snow and ice, so diverted instead to Ballaglass Glen, where the rivers were nice and full due to the melting snow on the hills above.
Panasonic FZ82 14/3/23
After what has seemed like days on end of strong winds, low cloud and rain, yesterday was brighter with even occasional sunny intervals and I set out in the afternoon for a walk into the hills above Sulby Glen, walking to the Block Eary Reservoir and back.  The promise of brighter weather didn't really come to anything and the clouds remained firmly covering the surrounding hills. The pipe that appears in several of the pictures carries water down from Block Eary Reservoir to the hydroelectric generating station.  The orange/brown colour on the hillsides is last year's bracken that dies away in winter.
DJI Air 2S 17/3/23
Onwards to the quarry!
From the quarry I walked on to close by the reservoir before heading back towards Sulby Glen via the tholtan of Slieamanagh, which is around 730 ft above sea level and 430 ft above the valley floor.  I had hoped to fly the drone again here, but it was starting to rain so I had to settle for a few ground level shots.
Panasonic FZ82
Three pictures from earlier in the month that I somehow forgot to add to the website!  They were all taken from home within a few minutes of each other.  I had gone out onto the balcony to try for a picture of the easyJet Airbus inbound to Ronaldsway from Belfast, noticed that the snow covered Welsh mountains had some great illumination from the late afternoon sun and that the Ben-my-Chree was approaching Douglas from Heysham.
Nikon D7100 10/3/23
The weather this afternoon in the Isle of Man was lovely!  After gales, rain and fog, the wind calmed down and the sun came out, so I set out in the afternoon to walk along some tracks and paths that I hadn't ever been along before.  Not too far distance wise, starting of close to the Poortown Quarry entrance, then walking up the hill behind the quarry to try and find the 'Giant's Grave', a long burial cairn marked on the Outdoor Leisure Map.  I totally failed to find it, although I walked within yards of it.  Looking at the aerial pictures, digital maps and Google Earth afterwards, I think I located it, a few stones in the corner of a field almost totally overgrown by gorse.  It's the remains of a Bronze Age burial chamber, but I find it hard to believe that it's just being left to disappear under the gorse.  I took quite a few photos on the walk, both aerial and ground level, but I find that I've run out of time for photo processing, so just four 360 degree panoramas I'm afraid.
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham