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'Flat' 360 Degree Panoramas - Update 3
I think that I've now managed to settle on a new format for the 360 degree aerial panoramas.  I've altered all of the 2023 and 2022 ones to this now and I'm working on the 2021 offerings, but it will take me a little while to complete that project as I'm finding that I need to completely re-compile some of the panoramas.  Only the separate '360 Panoramas' sections have been altered for previous years, the 'Month' index pages remain as they were originally uploaded.
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Welcome to 2023 on Island Images!
Yesterday was in general rather dull with a lot of rain, but in the afternoon I headed to the west coast in the hope of a little more brightness before the sun set.  In fact it didn't really brighten up at all, but the rain held off for a while enabling me to take these aerial pictures.
DJI Air 2S 1/1/23
In contrast to the rather dull and damp conditions on New Year's Day, yesterday's conditions were almost perfect for drone flying, with bright sunshine and very light winds.  After producing and uploading the Niarbyl pictures to the website there wasn't too much left of the morning, so I set off to Groudle Beach and headland, as they are fairly close to where I live and I wouldn't waste too much time travelling.
DJI Mini 2 2/1/23
After the Groudle flights I had another nearby location in mind and after a slight delay en-route to help free a young sheep who had managed to get its head stuck in a wire fence, arrived at St Adamnan's, Lonan Old Church. The church was probably originally constructed as a Keel around the 5th Century AD, and subsequently enlarged into a proper church around 1200.  Replaced in 1834 by the new church, it initially fell into disrepair but was rescued from ruin in the late 1800s or early 1900s.  Only the older (eastern) section of the church was restored, the later extension just being left as standing walls with no roof.
DJI Mini 2 2/1/23
On Monday afternoon we did one of our regular visits to the Wildlife Park, no pictures from there as the light wasn't that great, but afterwards we went onwards to Peel for a stroll around as night fell.  All of the second row pictures were taken using the 'Handheld Night Shot' feature of the FZ82.
Panasonic FZ82 2/1/23
I took this picture from my window yesterday morning, around an hour after nominal sunrise. It's looking south past Douglas Head in the direction of north Wales, although no sign of the Snowdonia mountains.  I just liked the varied pastel colours in the sky.
Panasonic TZ200 7/1/23
After lunch I travelled out to the west coast for a stroll along Whitestrand Beach, north of Peel.  Looking at the Island Images Locations Index I see that I hadn't taken any pictures here since February 2021, which was most likely my last visit.
Panasonic FZ82 7/1/23
Three Waterfalls
After a night of heavy rain that continued through the morning, I set off in the early afternoon yesterday to have a look at a few of our waterfalls.
Nikon D7100 10/1/23
Spooyt Vane
Glen Maye
I took these pictures in Laxey yesterday afternoon.  It was fairly late on and the light levels were rather poor as it was cloudy, so a lot of rather long exposures (and one HDR from 5 shots), but the image stabilizer on the camera does a good job and I used various walls to rest the camera on when available!
Panasonic TZ200 12/2/23
I took advantage yesterday morning of a lull in the strong to gale force winds that seem to have been with us since the start of the year, conducting a couple of drone flights around the Douglas Head area on a bright and sunny morning.  By lunch time the winds were back again!
DJI Air 2S 14/1/23
Yesterday afternoon we had a fairly short visit to the Wildlife Park, arriving just an hour before closing time.  It was however around feeding time for many of the animals so there was quite a bit of action!
Panasonic FZ82 15/1/23
On the way home from the Wildlife Park, we routed via Ballaugh and the Druidale Road and had a stop between Ballaugh and Tholt-y-Will plantations for a short drone flight for some aerial pictures.  It was after sunset which muted the colours somewhat, but the DJI drones seem to cope well in low light.
DJI AIr 2S 15/1/23
I'm using a new method to link to the interactive 360 panoramas, just click on the larger 360 image to get the interactive version and use your browser 'back' button to return.  If you have any comments or observations please use the email address above or the Island Images Facebook page.
A little trip out yesterday afternoon for some aerial photography, with the planned location changed twice due to snow showers passing through.  At the final location, Ballafayle in Maughold parish, I managed a fairly short flight before the next snow shower arrived.
DJI Air 2S 16/1/23
In contrast to the green fields of yesterday, I awoke this morning to find everything covered with a white blanket of snow.  My first attempt to capture the scene from the air was thwarted as it started to snow again as soon as I'd walked up to my flying site, but it cleared up in about an hour and I was more successful on the second attempt.  The main purpose was to shoot the 360 degree panoramas but I took some general pictures as well.
DJI Air 2S 17/1/23
Most of the snow has now gone and yesterday we paid a visit to the Sound Cafe where we had a lovely lunch, with the great views across the Sound to the Calf of Man.  After our lunch I did a couple of flights for some aerial pictures of the area, although the last two conventional ones were taken from ground level.  I shot a couple of linear panoramas and also three 360 degree interactive ones, which as usual appear after the main pictures.
DJI Mini 2 & Panasonic FZ82 20/1/23
On Friday afternoon we actually saw three sunsets!  We had already seen the sun dip below the Calf of Man while we were still at The Sound, but on the trip home called in at Port Erin where it was still just above the sea horizon.  After that we drove via The Sloc, and on the way up I saw it setting again in the rear view mirror so stopped for the final three pictures, taken at around 1,000 ft above sea level.
Panasonic FZ82 20/1/23
On saturday the weather here was generally overcast although with clear skies visible to the south and east.  Visibility was excellent with the Welsh mountains of Snowdonia showing up clearly on the horizon to the south. Unusually, the good visibility lasted all day, so I was able to get both morning and afternoon pictures.
Panasonic TZ200 & Nikon 7100 21/1/23
Ballamish Tholtan - the lazy way!
Ballamish is located on the slopes of Slieau Managh, above Sulby Glen, an interesting tholtan to visit, but not the easiest to get to.  You can climb up from the valley, which was they way the farmers would have done it, but it's around 600 ft up from river level, which also needs to be crossed at some point from the road. I've used two routes on my previous visits (2017 & 2020) the first was out of Sulby Glen, steep and rough walking, but for the second I started from Mountain Box and across the top of Slieau Managh. Yesterday afternoon I thought that I'd try an easier way to get some pictures by flying a drone up the slopes from alongside the Sulby River.  The weather wasn't that promising, with cloud down to around 1,000 ft above sea level around the Bungalow, but improved somewhat as I dropped down into the glen via Tholt-y-Will.  I managed around twenty minutes flying before the weather started closing in again, curtailing any more flying in that area.
DJI Air 2S 24/1/23
When I'd had to curtail my flight in Sulby Glen due to low cloud and potential rain I thought that would be the end of my flying on Tuesday.  However, driving north I was away from the cloud and into sunshine within ten minutes, that's Isle of Man weather for you!  My original planned route along the coast road north of Jurby wasn't possible as it's closed for works, so I ended up heading in the direction of Andreas and decided to stop and carry out another flight where the road crosses the Lhen Trench, a very shallow valley of glacial origins.  Mainly farmland there but the light looked superb.
DJI Air 2S 24/1/23
The final flying location for Tuesday was along the Sulby River by the Whitebridge, Ramsey.
DJI Air 2S 24/1/23
As the weather was calm and sunny yesterday, I set off after lunch for a walk, choosing the west coast south of Niarbyl for a walk past Eary Cushlin and along the the remote keeil site at Lag ny Keeilley.  Rather stupidly I left the camera behind at home, but I'd packed the mini drone so all pictures are with it.
DJI Mini 2 26/1/23
I only came across these pictures today (30/1/23) that I took using my phone on the walk back from Lag ny Keeiley
Samsung Galaxy A71 26/1/23
I took these pictures yesterday afternoon on a walk through Glen Helen.  It was a very windy day but the glen offered a lot of protection with only light breezes amongst the trees.  I hadn't visited for a couple of years and discovered quite a few tracks and paths that I didn't even know existed, together with a tholtan in Eary Beg Plantation that I'd seen pictures of but never visited.  Glen Helen was developed for tourism in the 1860 by a consortium of Manx Businessmen, with tree plantings, pathways constructed and bridges across the rivers.  Quite a few of the bridges have disappeared over the years but it's still a pretty place.
Panasonic FZ82 29/1/23
A couple of phone pictures taken on my drive home from Glen Helen.
Samsung Galaxy A71 29/1/23
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham