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Final installation of the 'away' aerial pictures.  These ones were shot at the Chester canal basin on the final full day of our trip away. Unfortunately, what had started off as a bright and sunny morning had turned into a very misty day by the time I managed to fly.
DJI Mini 2 1/12/22
Yesterday afternoon I set foot out of the house for the first time since we arrived back from our Chester trip.  Nothing serious, just a heavy cold I picked up while we were away.  I felt the need to get some fresh air so went on a walk from home down to Molly Quirk's Glen, returning via Hillberry.
Panasonic FZ82 7/12/22
Yesterday afternoon, the conditions looked good for some aerial photography, so I set off towards the north of the island with a couple of locations in mind.  On the way I stopped at Guthrie's on the Mountain Road and took these pictures of the amazing view from there..
Panasonic FZ82 8/12/22
My first chosen location for the aerial photography was Kerroogarroo Fort (also known as Ballachurry), near St Judes, constructed in the 1600s as the English Civil War (1642 - 1651) seemed imminent.  It's a large earth structure, better seen from above than at ground level and at this time of year the low sun angles accentuate the structure.  There's a descriptive article from Culture Vannin available here.
DJI Air 2S  8/12/22
After the flight at Kerroogarroo I headed further to the north for another, this time to capture the rolling Bride Hills, which I believe are a glacial feature.  The sun was setting behind the hills so I didn't have too long to capture these pictures in some amazing golden lighting.
DJI Air 2S 8/12/22
I hadn't planned on a trip out yesterday as It was a bit cloudy and very cold, but Georgie fancied a ride out in the afternoon and as my first route choice of the Mountain Road and then along to Brandywell was closed due to ice, we headed up the east coast past Laxey and almost as far as Ramsey.  First stopping location was just outside Ballaragh, above the Dhoon Glen.
DJI Air 2S 10/12/22
Our second stop was at Port Lewaige, just south of Ramsey.  As the sun had set by then I originally wasn't going to fly, but the light looked interesting and after seeing the pictures resulting from the flight I was pleased that I changed my mind.
DJI Air 2S 10/12/22
These panoramas were really just part of a test shoot I did on Sunday afternoon after sunset.  I was really just trying to alter some of the parameters for shooting the 360 panoramas and hadn't intended putting them on the website, but I published one on Facebook and people seemed to like it so here is a selection.  Unfortunately I failed to reselect 'AEB' on the shooting menu of the drone after an earlier test, so the sky has tended to burn out a bit in places.
DJI Mini 2 11/12/22
Yesterday morning was good for flying so I set out to look at three locations.  The first was near the old Cornelly Mines, on the edge of Archallagan Plantation, mainly wanting to shoot some 360 panoramas, but I also took individual pictures.
DJI Air 2S 13/12/22
Continuing to my second and third flying sites, both close to Foxdale and to concentrate on two reservoirs in the area, both now just ornamental but created to power industrial machinery, the first at the Foxdale Mines, the second to power a sawmill.
DJI AIr 2S 13/12/22
With the cold but calm weather continuing for the moment, I decided to make the most of it for some more aerial photography, setting out after lunch with my first port of call the picturesque Port Cornaa, on the east coast between Laxey and Ramsey.
DJI Air 2S 15/1/22
My second stop on Thursday afternoon was close to The Goosneck, on the Mountain Road.  Not as much sunlight as I would have liked and the shadow of North Barrule was creeping northwards.
DJI Air 2S 15/12/22
The Mountain Road had been closed for several days due to snow and ice accumulation, but had re-opened earlier in the day.  I was heading back home from The Gooseneck and realized that there might be some good aerial shots available, so stopped at Mountain Box for another flight
DJI Air 2S 15/12/22
I'd noticed a milestone in my drone flying approaching, achieving 300 flying hours which is not a lot by manned flying standards, but as my drone flight probably average around 15 minutes for each flight, it's taken me eight years and 1,285 flights using five different drones to reach this point.  I thought that I would try to commemorate this by flying my very first drone, a DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus, for the 300th hour, but some control program issues prevented this, so I settled for my second drone that I hadn't in fact flown for 18 months.
DJI Phantom 4 Pro 16/12/22
After the '300th hour' flight, I continued north along the Mountain Road for some more shots of the snow on the hills.  There had been a fresh fall overnight, but the sun was already starting to melt it on south facing slopes.
DJI Air 2S 16/12/22
Some ground level pictures for a change!  These were taken late on Friday afternoon during a visit to Ramsey.  It was not long before 'official' sunset although North Barrule had cast it's shadow over the town some time back.
Panasonic FZ82 16/12/22
Yesterday was the Winter Solstice and here in the Isle of Man at 54 degrees North we had 7 hours and 20 minutes between sunrise and sunset, with the sun reaching only just over twelve degrees above the horizon at noon. Here are a few pictures taken through the day.
Panasonic TZ200 & FZ82 21/12/22
I hope you all had a good Christmas day, in the afternoon I fancied a trip out and headed towards Druidale, hoping the weather might be a bit better than on the east coast, where it was dull, breezy and damp.  It didn't look too promising on the way as I was driving in the clouds along the first part of the Beinn-y-Phott road, but it was considerably brighter as I dropped down into Druidale, with quite large areas of blue sky showing, although no direct sun in the valley.
Panasonic TZ200 25/12/22
The Sun and the Moon
Just a couple of random pictures taken from home yesterday, the first one about half an hour after sunrise when I noticed the sun peeking out from some cloud banks and producing rays down towards the sea.  The moon shot was taken twenty five minutes after sunset, when there was still some light in the sky, although fast moving clouds sweeping across the skinny crescent moon regularly.
Panasonic FZ82 26/12/22
I've recently been updating the 'Screen Backgrounds' section of the website and this afternoon uploaded 101 new ones to the section, making a grand total of 444 available to download.  For anybody who hasn't seen them before, the are much larger aerial pictures (1920 x 1080 size) that you can use on a desktop computer or tabled as a background picture.  The thumbnail pictures are arranged by month, so if you want you can have an appropriate scene from the current month.  I started producing them a few years back just to use as background pictures on my own computers, but the easiest way to catalogue them was to produce a web page, which I then realized I might as well share with website visitors.  The thumbnails pics are a bit larger than usual, the ones below just link to the main index.
We've been having a spell of unsettled weather here in the Irish Sea recently, often with rain and strong to gale force winds which has made it a bit unattractive for photography and precluded any drone flying.  After a lot of rain in the morning, yesterday afternoon brought some sunny although still windy conditions and I set off to Port St Mary for a walk around the town.  Based on the weather forecasts these look likely to be the last Island Images pictures of the year, so I hope you have enjoyed my offerings through 2022 and I'm planning to continue the service for a couple more years, but more of future ideas later!
Panasonic FZ82 29/12/22
As I'm typing this in the late afternoon on New Year's eve (or Hogmanay, depending where you come from!), it's time to take stock of what happened in Island Images over 2022.  The picture above was actually the first I took at the start of the year, on January 1st at Fenella Beach.
A total of 2,794 new 'Scenic' pictures taken on the island were added, about average for the last three years, plus 318 of our vintage railways.  The aircraft pictures fared less well, partially due to me loosing my security status at the airport (fair enough, I haven't actually worked there for eight years!) which has restricted my access to hanging around outside the fence although lower traffic levels until recently made this a rather boring occupation and only 96 pictures were added, some were 'away' ones and quite a lot were of the Red Arrows Douglas display.  I think that my highlight of the aircraft ones were those of a retired RAF Boeing 'AWACS' aircraft in a training orbit over the island just before they were delivered to the Chilean Air Force.
Next year I plan at present to continue much as before, although I do feel that the tenure of the present Island Images website is drawing to a close.  Since I started the present format I've just added more and more pictures each year, the 'Locations' index makes it a little easier to find a particular area, but it's getting a bit big and messy.  In two years time the site will have been running for a quarter of a century, and I (hopefully!) will have passed the age of 70.  So the plan at present is to try and keep the site running until the end of 2024 and then stop updating it, although keeping it available.  I've no intentions of stopping taking pictures of our amazing island, but I would like to make compiling web pages a little less complicated than at present as I'm still using the same program that I started experimenting with back in 1998, Netscape Composer, so I need to learn something more modern and a new website design might help that.
Anyway, for anybody who's actually bothered to read all that waffle - best wishes for 2023 and I hope to keep the pictures coming!
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham