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The full set of aerial aerial pictures from our Lanzarote trip in April and May this year.
You can find the gallery by clicking on the Playa Blanca panorama below.

Yesterday afternoon I set off for a walk in a new location for me - yes, even after 30+ years living on the island I can still find new places to explore!  It was Stony Mountain Plantation, near Foxdale and I had a few 'targets of interest' picked from the maps that I was hoping to visit.  It turned out to be one of the hardest and most exhausting walks I'd been on for quite a few years, mainly due to the lack of tracks, leaving me to fight my way though woodland and heath.
Panasonic TZ72 & DJI Mini 2 2/7/22
Ships of the Isle of Man Steam Packet, pictures taken from Birch Hill, Onchan.  2/7/22 & 3/7/22 Nikon D7100
There are six new Aircraft pictures in Aircraft 2022 Pt 3
There are twenty three new Railway pictures taken yesterday afternoon, in Railways 2022 Pt 3
Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of taking a walk around some areas of the Ballaugh Curragh wetlands area with the very knowledgeable Liz Charter.  Sixteen years ago, to the day, we had done the same to help publicise the international recognition of the area under the RAMSAR convention by taking photographs that would end up on posters.  Both of us have since retired from our respective government jobs but were interested to see what changes had happened over the years. We were trying to visit the same locations as in 2006, not that easy as we were relying on memory and also eventually ran out of time.  You can see some of the 2006 pictures in the 'Ballaugh Curragh through the Seasons' website page, in the Summer section.  Nikon D7100 & DJI Mini 2 7/7/22
There are five new Aircraft pictures in Aircraft 2022 Pt3
Evening sky from home.  Nikon D7100 7/7/22
One from yesterday evening
Having seen pictures posted on Facebook of the blue fields of Flax (Linseed) growing on the plain of the island, I thought that I would try for some aerial shots of it yesterday afternoon.  The first location I tried was at Sulby, where there are a couple of large fields of it.  Flax used to be an important crop, Linseed Oil can be obtained from the seeds and the fibres were used to make Linen.  Indeed, on the 1870 Ordnance Survey map there was a flax mill at Sulby.
DJI Air 2S & Nikon D7100 9/7/22
I'd heard that here were more fields of flax in the Andreas area, but I didn't see any sign of them and continued on to Bride, where there was apparently one on the Point of Ayre road. I found that but the colours weren't as striking as the Sulby ones so I took a few aerial shots and panoramas of the village.
DJI Air 2S 9/7/22
After Bride I was heading west to the coast, but had a quick stop at the Lhen Trench to shoot a panorama.  This is a glacial feature, cut by ice melt water, but later excavated to drain the curragh (wetlands area) for agricultural use.
After the quick Lhen Trench shoot, I continued to where the river enters the sea at The Lhen
On Sunday afternoon I decided to visit the shoreline at Lady Port, on the west coast north of Peel.  This needs a bit of planning as most of the beach there is water covered apart from around 2 hours either side of low tide.  The is no defined path down to the beach and it's rather steep an uneven, not helped at this time of the year by extensive bracken growth, ranging in height from waist to chest level.  I was using my GoPro as main camera, although I had the DJI Mini 2 in my rucksack, but wasn't confident that I would be able to fly it as there are normally a lot of Herring Gulls on the cliffs there, who might take exception to a drone!
GoPro Hero 9 & DJI Mini 2 10/7/22
Whilst I was on the Lady Port walk, I had a message from a friend to say that I might be interested in photographing a yacht that had run aground on the beach at Sartfield, near Jurby.  So after getting back to the car I headed north to have a look.  Being there also allowed me to photograph an ancient site that I'd only managed from a distance before , the tumulus of Cronk ny Arrey Lhaa (not to be confused with the hill of the same name much further south). It's a pre-Christian burial mound located rather close to the clifftop not far from Jurby Church, but apart from that I have no further information.
DJI Mini 2 10/7/22
There are two new Aircraft pictures in Aircraft 2022 Pt 3.  Nikon D7100 11/7/22
There are eight new Railway pictures in Railways 2022 Pt 3.  GoPro 9 12/7/22
I've had a fascination for maps and what they can show you, since my brother David taught me how to read and interpret an Ordnance Survey map when I was around 10 or 11 years old.  These days I often use them to search out interesting areas for aerial photography and the one below is exactly that.  On the 1870 OS 'six inch' map there is an area near Ballaugh marked as 'Dollagh Mooar' with two lakes shown, on the current maps that I have the lakes were still there but the area of Dollagh Mooar seems to have been lost over time, although there is still a Dollagh Mooar Road.  DJI Air 2S 14/7/22
The Church and the Shipwreck.
Having a long chat with fellow drone pilot Peter Killey after a chance meeting at the previous flying location, I decided to head northwards to Jurby Church to see if I could get shots of both the church and the 'Pasages' shipwreck that is just off the coast there.  DJI Air 2S 14/7/22
I was actually on my way back home from shooting the pictures at Jurby Church, not far away having just past Jurby Airfield on the Ballavarren Road, when I wondered if the fields in that area might make for some interesting pictures.  So I stopped for a quick flight there and also included the airfield.
DJI Air 2S 14/7/22
Three pictures of the moon, shot at different dates this month.  Nikon D7100 7/7/22, 10/7/22 & 16/7/22
Northern Lighthouse Board support vessel 'Pharos', anchored in Douglas Bay.  Nikon D7100 16/7/22
A quick flight at Keristal yesterday afternoon before a walk back along the Marine Drive as far as Port Wallberry.
DJI Mini 2 17/7/22
A second flying location from our walk on Sunday afternoon, at Port Wallberry with its rock arch.
DJI Mini 2 17/7/22
Yesterday afternoon I decided to take the sit-on kayak out for a trip, starting from Port Soderick and heading to the north.  I didn't get quite as far as I'd hoped, due to worries about the weather changing on me.  GoPro Hero 9 19/7/22
A few pictures from different locations taken yesterday afternoon.  A very windy day, it was difficult to keep the camera steady for the panorama shots!
Nikon D7100 20/7/22
There are twenty six new Railway pictures, taken yesterday evening on the Groudle Glen Railway, in Railways 2022 Pt 3.
Nikon D7100 20/7/22
There are twenty new Railway pictures in Railways 2022 Pt 3     Nikon D7100 23/7/22
There are twelve new Railway pictures in Railways 2022 Pt 3     Nikon D7100 24/7/22
Nine more new Railway pictures in Railways 2022 Pt 3     Nikon D7100 25/7/22
Some aerial pictures flying from three locations around the northern side of Douglas on Wednesday morning.  DJI Mini 2 27/7/22
A walk around Langness on Wednesday afternoon.  Panasonic TZ60 27/7/22
OnThursday afternoon I re-visited Derbyhaven Bay, but this time on my own with the sit on Kayak.  GoPro Hero 9 28/7/22
I took these pictures on my phone as we were walking around Langness on Wednesday afternoon.  Processed on the phone using Snapseed's 'Drama' filter and then uploaded to Facebook as we were walking.  I rather like them though so here they are!  Samsung Galaxy A71 27/7/22
There are twenty two new Railway pictures in Railways 2022 Pt 3     Nikon D7100 & DJI Mini2 29/7/22
Five more Railway pictures in Railways 2022 Pt 3     Panasonic TZ60 31/7/22
There are four new Aircraft pictures in Aircraft 2022 Pt 3.  Panasonic TZ60 27/7/22 &31/7/22
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham