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Sailing yacht 'Eos' visited Douglas Bay yesterday and I was able to get some aerial shots of her.  Regulations don't permit me to fly as close as I'd like to, but by using the Air 2S drone (which has higher picture resolution) I was able to crop the pictures to achieve the same effect as flying closer.
DJI Air 2S 1/6/22
On Wednesday afternoon we went for a stroll around Ballaglass Glen, a haven of peace and tranquility compared to some other parts of the island. - #TT
Panasonic FZ72 1/6/22
Some aerial photography at the Point of Ayre on Thursday afternoon.  It was a bit of a dull day, but the main purpose of the trip was to give some advice and hands on experience to a future new drone pilot on the island.  DJI Mini 2 & Air 2S 2/6/22
From home we can see see some fields towards Archallagan Plantation which recently have been a contrasting colour to the green ones around them.  With a calm and sunny day and no TT airspace restrictions I though it might be nice to try some aerial pictures of the area, keeping an ear on Ronaldsway Approach radio frequency in case the 'Alpha 99' air ambulance helicopter was scrambled from the hospital in my direction.  After the aerial pictures I had a wander around Marown Old Church for a few ground level pictures.  DJI Air 2S & Panasonic TZ60 7/6/22
While I was carrying out the previous flight from the Rocky Road, I noticed some more interesting field colours on the other side of the valley so headed over there for another flight, this time from the unsurfaced track north of Crosby that forms part of the Millennium Way.  DJI Air 2S 7/6/22
On Tuesday afternoon we headed north to see the amazing wild orchids growing in a meadow near Sandygate.  Many thanks to Peter Killey for the 'heads up' about them being in bloom and to Sandra Kerrison for letting us wander around around her private meadow.  Nikon D7100 7/6/22
Jurby Airfield - I'd wanted to get some aerial shots of the airfield from the north east end for a while, but when we arrived it was rather overcast and dull, so I'll return another time when conditions are better.  The airfield was constructed to house a  navigation and bombing training unit in the 1930 and operated throughout WW2.  In the 1960s it was used as a diversion airfield for Ronaldsway and the runway was lengthened across the Sandygate Road to allow the Vickers Viscount turboprop airlines to land and take off.  In recent times the airfield has just been used for motorcycle racing, which is a shame as it would make an excellent General Aviation airfield for the Isle of Man, as light aircraft don't seem to be very welcome at Ronaldsway these days.  DJI Mini 2 7/6/22
On our way back home form Jurby, we detoured via Bride so that I could get some photos of the amazing Valerian growing along the Point of Ayre road.
Panasonic TZ60 7/6/22
There are thirteen new Aircraft pictures from April and May in Aircraft 2022 Pt 2.
These pictures were taken yesterday morning on a photographic trip to two locations in the south of the island.  Panasonic TZ60 & DJI Mini 2 12/6/22
Castletown and Scarlett
Three 360 degree panoramas taken in the Birch Hill and Governor's Hill area on Tuesday morning.  I had a fairly tight time slot for the flight due to other commitments and unfortunately cloud chose to cover the sun all the time I was flying!  DJI Air 2S 14/6/22
Pictures of the 'Strawberry Full Moon' on Tuesday evening taken from home, using a wall to brace the camera and lens for these hand held shots! 
Nikon D7100 14/6/22
The Millennium Oakwood, on the outskirts of Douglas.  Planted in 2000 by the islands schoolchildren, some of the trees are now growing nicely, although I haven't been there at ground level for a long while.  As the flying site is adjacent to Noble's Hospital with its helicopter landing pads, I was careful to first check if there were any on the ground, then kept a careful listen out for any helicopters approaching whilst monitoring Ronaldsway Approach on an air band radio.
DJI Mini 2 15/6/22
After taking the Oakwood pictures early in the afternoon, we headed over to Laxey and caught the tram up to the top of Snaefell, where the wind if anything was actually lighter than near Douglas and I took a selection of aerial pictures round there.  At the moment all of the hills are very green, but this doesn't last for very long and in a month or so they'll start changing colour back to shades of brown again.  DJi Mini 2 15/6/22
Pictures taken on a visit to Niarbyl and Traie Vane on Thursday afternoon.  A rather disappointingly overcast afternoon, although the sun did appear for a short time, but just as I was walking back after taking the pictures!  Panasonic TZ60 & DJI Air 2S 16/6/22
Catching up with some aircraft pictures.  There are now 43 new Aircraft pictures in Aircraft 2022 Pt 2. Mainly the Red Arrows display at Douglas
on the 7th June, plus a few others.  Panasonic TZ60 & Nikon D7100.
An early morning (03:50) shot of the half moon, the sky behind was already starting to lighten and the local blackbird singing to start the dawn chorus.
Nikon D7100 20/6/22
More catching up!  There are 19 new Railway pictures in Railways 2022 Pt2.
Some aerial pictures from around mid-day yesterday.  Location was in Sulby Glen, en-route to Milntown House for lunch with Georgie and Moyra, going the scenic way!  Ray and Carla recently produced a fascinating video filmed in the same location earlier in the year.  You can find it here.
DJI Air 2S 23/6/22
After a lovely lunch at the Milntown Cafe, we took a stroll around the gardens.  Nikon D7100 23/6/22
After our stroll around Milntown Gardens we headed west to Close Sartfield, hopefully to show our visitor the wild orchids there, if we weren't too late.
Nikon D7100 & DJI Air 2S  23/6/22
A trip down to the Calf Sound, mainly for lunch but I had a stroll around afterwards.  It was quite cool with a strong wind blowing so the girls stayed in the car!
Panasonic TZ60 25/6/22
After the windy Sound, we headed down the hill to Port Erin where it was a lovely summer day with just a light breeze!
A visit yesterday afternoon to Lonan Old Church,  probably dating from the 1200s but constructed on the site of an older keeil.
Nikon D7100 26/6/22
A few pictures taken in Laxey.
Nikon D7100 26/6/22
I took these pictures at the Curraghs Wildlife Park on a visit yesterday afternoon. It was a bit of a pain lugging the big 500 mm zoom lens around,
but I'm pleased with the end results.  Highlight for me was actually getting two pictures of the difficult to photograph Golden Lion Tamarins.
Nikon D7100 27/6/22
Yesterday afternoon the winds were light and I set out to do some aerial photography, ending up flying from three locations.  DJI Air 2S 30/6/22
Fleshwick Bay
The Sloc
Round Table Road (Top of The Sloc)
There are fifteen new Railway pictures in Railways 2022 Pt2
There are eight new Aircraft pictures in Aircraft 2022 Pt 2
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham