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Starting the August section with a set of pictures from yesterday afternoon. The previous night had been very wet and windy and low cloud remained through most of the morning, but started to lift and break around lunchtime.  I decided to get out for some pictures in the afternoon, heading towards Sulby Glen, but it was only after I was there that an idea came to me to follow the Sulby River, the Isle of Man's longest, from its source to the sea.  One day I'll try it as a properly planned project, but these are just a selection of fairly random locations along its length of just over nine miles.  Nikon D7100 2/8/22
These pictures were taken on a walk yesterday afternoon from Laxey up to Agneash and back, followed by a short aerial photography flight.  It was a rather dull and cloudy afternoon, but still a lovely walk up via the nature reserve established by the Ballanette Trust after they cleared the old Laxey rubbish tip.
Panasonic FZ72 & DJI Air 2S 3/8/22
The Aerial photographs
There are nine new Railway pictures now in Railways 2022 Pt4.  The Snaefell Mountain Railway shot from Agneash.
Panasonic FZ72 3/8/22
There are three new Aircraft pictures from yesterday afternoon in Aircraft 2022 Pt 3   Nikon D7100 4/8/22
With water levels in the island's reservoirs at a low level just now, on Friday afternoon I set off to see if I could walk right around Injebreck Reservoir on the shoreline.  I have walked around before, but using a route higher up the hillside on the eastern side.  I di manage it, with a few problems!
Panasonic FZ72 5/8/22
Yesterday morning i did some aerial photography flying from the ridge between the west and east Baldwin valleys, a lovely location with agricultural fields, the Injebreck reservoir and open moorland.  I had planned a further flight from the north end of the reservoir, but it clouded over a lot and I decided to leave that for another time.  On the way home via the Beinn-y-Phott roads the clouds were dramatic so I stopped by the sheepfolds for a quick low level panorama.
DJI Air 2S 7/8/22
A visit to Port Erin yesterday afternoon, where the sailing ship 'Phoenix' was at anchor in the bay.
DJI Air 2S 8/8/22
On the way back home from Port Erin, I stopped at the picnic area near 'Tom the Dippers' on the road towards The Sloc.  There are great views from here even at ground level and I wondered several time before if it would be a good spot for some aerial photography.
DJI Air 2S  8/8/22
Cruise liner 'Bolette' in Douglas Bay
DJI Air 2S 9/8/22
This set of pictures was taken on one of our favourite local walks, the 'Warden's Walk' in Colden plantation, with an extension that we found using former forest tracks.  The walk follows the old 'Governor Loch's Road' for much of the way.  This was a work creation scheme in the late 1880s and made a new road starting close to Injebreck in the West Baldwin valley and then climbing up the hillside, around the end of the Colden valley before following the contour line to finish by the Barregarrow road near Sartfell.  Today the road is just a narrow grassy track on the hillside and very boggy in places, even in the current dry weather.  All of the pictures are aerial ones, taken flying from two location on each side of the Colden Valley.  If you want to see what the walk looks like from ground level in the winter, I have a selection of pictures taken in January 2021 Here.
DJI Mini 2 9/8/22
On Wednesday morning, I set out to try the kayak trip from Port Soderick to Port Wallberry again.  When I first tried it last month I only managed to get as far as Keristal before turning back due to deteriorating weather, but this time the weather was perfect, hot on land but cool on the water with a very light breeze and more importantly for an open kayak, perfectly calm seas.  I had a great trip and would have stayed out longer, but lunch called me!
GoPro Hero 9 10/8/22
With the recent spell of unbroken good weather, I've spent more time out enjoying it (and taking pictures!) and less time producing web pages, so I have a backlog. Last night the weather broke, we had a big thunderstorm and this morning it's raining, so I'm attempting to catch up.
On Thursday evening I headed over to Peel to take some late evening shots of the castle and hopefully capture a good sunset from the air.  Here's the first set of pictures, looking at the town, castle and Fenella Beach at around an hour before sunset.
DJI Air 2S 11/8/22
I had plenty of time in hand before the actual sunset, so I walked down to the 'Cod and Castle' end had a very tasty fish supper from the before driving to the other end of the promenade and climbing up to the headland.  I still had two full batteries so planned to carry out two flights, one straight away to use the remaining direct sunlight, then back to change batteries in time to capture the actual sunset.
Isle of Pride 2022
On Saturday afternoon we visited Isle of Pride for a few hours.  Held in the Villa Marina gardens we loved the first one in June last year and this was better, last year's lack of food outlets seemed greatly improved and Gelatory were there with some of their super ice cream!  I started off taking some general aerial shots from over the beach and sea before heading in and just using my phone for the pictures inside the gardens.
DJI Mini 2 & Samsung Galaxy A71 13/8/22
On Friday afternoon we went for another of our favourite 'local' walks, along the Marine Drive.  We started from the Douglas and and made it (slowly!) almost to Keristal before turning back.  As it was almost calm I took the mini drone along and stopped at two locations to take these pictures.
DJI Mini 2 12/8/22
A kayak trip on Sunday morning heading south from Niarbyl, ending up at Gob-ny-Ushtey before returning.  Lovely calm seas and clear water again.
GoPro Hero 9 14/8/22
When you live on an island, ferries and aeroplanes assume a much greater importance in you lives than elsewhere and probably our most important link is provided by the Isle of Man Steam Packet's 'Ben my Chree' which most days does two return trips to the port of Heysham in Lancashire, England.  The 'Ben' is freighter, car ferry and passenger ship and our lifeline to the outside world, it is a matter of general conversation if she is cancelled to to weather or a technical issue!  I'd long wondered about shooting a sequence of images of her entering port and I achieved it yesterday afternoon, after her sailing Heysham.
DJI Mini 2 17/8/22
Yesterday was a strange day for weather. At home we were in the clouds all morning (500 ft above sea level) and low cloud was also affecting operations at Ronaldsway Airport.  In the afternoon I had places to visit in Douglas and Ramsey, still very grey and overcast in Douglas, with thick fog and poor visibility on the Mountain Road.  However, just before entering Ramsey, I broke out into bright sunshine.  I was probably there for about an hour and had a wander round to take these pictures, it was hot and sunny all the time.  When I left to return via the coast road, the clouds came back almost as soon as I'd left the town, with heavy rain all the way back to Onchan.  Out of interest I checked the Ramsey web cam as soon as I arrived home and it was still sunny up there!
Panasonic TZ60 18/8/22
I took these pictures on a short visit to Port St Mary yesterday afternoon, starting with a small panorama stitched from eight hand held shots.
There's a very informative online booklet detailing the history of Port St Mary and its old buildings available from here .
Nikon D7100 19/8/22
Carrying on the Port St Mary theme, these are some aerial pictures taken in the Gansey Point area yesterday afternoon.  It was a bit cloudy which has muted the colours a bit.  DJI Mini 2 24/8/22
On the way home via The Sloc and Foxdale, we noticed that the Mountains of Mourne in Northern Ireland were very conspicuous, so had a short stop at the Round Table for a look and some pictures.  Panasonic TZ-60 24/8/22
A photo expedition yesterday afternoon to try and capture from the air the purple hillsides we have at present as the heather blooms.  The main shoot was intended to be 360 degree interactive panoramas but of course I also shot some conventional pictures.  I had three locations in mind to fly from, but ended up extending to a fourth one.  DJI Air 2S  25/5/22
'Snuff the Wind' and Beckwith's Mine
South Barrule and Round Table
The Sloc
Pictures from the final location for flying on Thursday afternoon, Mull Hill by Cregneash.  DJI Air 2S 25/5/22
Wildflowers at Conrhenny Plantation on Friday afternoon.  These were just taken with a phone camera on auto in fairly dull conditions and the focus depth of field was a bit disappointing at times.  Samsung Galaxy A71 26/8/22
I took these pictures yesterday afternoon while we were walking with our homestay dog 'Star' in Conrhennie Plantation.  Much nicer weather than when I took the flower pictures a few days back giving some great views.  Panasonic TZ60 29/8/22
Following on from the ground level pictures that I've taken at Conrhenny Plantation recently, I thought that some aerial pictures might be interesting, so on yesterday afternoon's dog walk there took the mini drone along with us.  DJI Mini 2 30/8/22
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham