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Happy New Year to all visitors!  Here's the first pictures for Island Images, taken on a stroll around Peel yesterday afternoon.  Panasonic TZ200 1/1/22
Picking up with the aerial pictures from the early 2000s, now with larger pictures, today starting with the first flight from 2001. 
There are six new pictures in  Aerial 2001.  Fuji MX-1700 5/1/01
Yesterday the wind calmed down and the rain/sleet/snow showers stopped enough for me do carry out a couple of drone flights.  My first chosen location was up on the Mountain Road to take some shots of the snow capped hilltops, but the wind was still too strong there for flying the Mini 2 so I headed down to the coast at Groudle.  I had some testing that I wanted to do using a 'Beta' version of the Litchi control app and the first three pictures are from flying with that. After the basic test I changed back to the proven (old version, newer ones are a problem for me) of the DJI 'Fly' app as a lot of the flying was going to be over water.
DJI Mini 2 5/1/22
We needed to go into Douglas in the afternoon and as the wind had fallen even lighter, I took the opportunity to take some more aerial pictures there.
DJI Mini 2 5/1/22
Some ground level phone pictures while walking around the town.  Samsung Galaxy A71 5/1/22
More aerial pictures from 2001.  There are no less than 30 in Aerial 2001.  Fuji MX-1700 29/1/01
Another selection of 20 aerial pictures taken in 2001 can be found in Aerial 2001.  Fuji MX-1700 16/2/01
Some aerial pictures taken on Tuesday as part of a test program on a 3rd party app that has only recently become available for the Mini 2 drone (in Beta form only so far) to replace the DJI 'Fly' app. This is the 'Litchi' program, which I used extensively in the past when flying my original drone, the Phantom 2 Vision +. I visited the location above Tholt-y-Will twice in the day, morning and afternoon as I realised when I viewed the first set of pictures that I had forgotten some of the tests I'd planned.  The pictures here are a mix of the ones shot using the Litchi app and the DJI Fly app.  DJI Mini 2 11/1/22
I had been a bit concerned that a lot of the aerial pictures taken on the previous day looked a bit 'soft' so I wanted to do a camera check flight somewhere where there was going to be plenty of 'harder' shapes to check that I hadn't inadvertently upset something.  This flight was a purely vertical one  from a little green area adjacent to Onchan Pleasure Park.  DJI Mini 2 12/1/22
On Wednesday afternoon we went to Peel for a stroll around, when we arrived the lighting looked great over the castle so I took the drone up for some pictures. Later on I captured the view at sunset from the other side of the bay.  DJI Mini 2 12/1/22
Ground and aerial pictures taken on a visit to Niarbyl and Traie Vane on Thursday afternoon.  Panasonic TZ200 & DJI Mini 2 13/1/22
As I'd mentioned before, I've been doing some testing using a 3rd party app (Litchi) for flying the Mini 2 drone drone and these pictures were taken during some further flying, setting up the optimum parameters for shooting 360 panoramas.  It was not far off sunset, so there was a very low sun angle to deal with for the 360 panoramas. DJI Mini 2 14/1/22
I shot a total of 11 panorama sets for the test, but here are just three of them!
There are six new Aerial pictures in Aerial 2001, from a trip with fellow IOM photographer Peter Killey.  Fuji MX1700 14/2/01
There's an update to the 1940s section of my ATC History pages, with some pictures of the 'Craig Computor' that was used at the Training Flying Control Centre at Ramsey Grammar School, also a re-created 'Searchlight Assistance' poster that the CO there, Wing Commander Bullmore inspired.
I took these pictures on Sunday afternoon.  It had been bright and sunny in the morning and I thought that a walk along the hillside track from near Brandywell Cottage towards Ballaugh would be pleasant.  The walk was good, but the sunshine mostly illusive under quite thick cloud cover!
Panasonic TZ200 16/1/22
Another bit of test/trial flying with the Litchi (beta) app and my Mini 2 drone.  I do try and get some pictures I can use on the website though, so this time chose to fly up in the hills close to the Mountain Road.  DJI Mini 2 17/1/22
A bit of aerial photography at Port St Mary yesterday afternoon.  I though that I'd headed in the wrong direction as it had clouded over by the time I arrived, although it still seemed sunny to the north of the island. However, the light reflected nicely off the sea and I was pleased by the pictures.
DJI Mini 2 20/1/22
Two 360 degree interactive panoramas from the same set of original pictures.  The first is a 'single image' set of 26 pictures, but the second uses the full set of 78 'AEB' pictures which enhances the colours.  Unfortunately I haven't (so far!) managed to perfect the image alignment at one point in the second one.
Continuing around to Kallow Point and the Mona's Queen memorial where the brave crews from the Isle of Man Steam Packet who assisted in the Dunkirk evacuation of the British Army during WW2 are commemorated.  Three Steam Packet ships were lost during the operation, Mona's Queen, King Orrey & Fenella.
A couple of variations on the Port St Mary pictures.  These are slices from two of the linear panoramas, worked on with Corel Painter.
Five more Aerial pictures from 2001 are now in Aerial 2001.  Fuji Finepix 4900zoom 20/7/01
A bumper crop of aerial pictures from August 2001, with no less than forty two new ones in Aerial 2001.  Fuji Finepix 4900zoom 22/8/01
A few pictures taken on a visit to the Curraghs Wildlife Park on Sunday afternoon.  Nikon D7100 23/1/22
Although the weather was very dull yesterday, at least the winds were light and I decided to try some aerial photography in the afternoon, heading first to Mooragh Park in Ramsey, where the boating lake has been partially drained for winter maintenance.  DJI Mini 2 25/1/22
Mainly Lighthouses!  After Ramsey I continued up to the Point of Ayre.  It was a bit breezier up there but still within the limits of the Mini 2.
There are two new Aircraft pictures taken this afternoon in Aircraft 2022 Pt1 - Nikon D7100 26/1/22
A small update to the 1940s ATC pages.  Some revisions to the information on the HMS Urley (Ronaldsway) radar station based on the researches of Chris Corkish.  Two revised aerial pictures (1946 & 2021) to show the probable uses of the buildings at the site, plus an RAF Type 15 radar as probably installed.
I took these pictures on a walk down to Glen Maye beach yesterday afternoon.  It was a lovely sunny day, although with the sun's elevation still being low at this time of year, the sunlight didn't actually reach down into the glen.  There's also not been too much rain just recently which meant lower water levels in the river.
Panasonic TZ200 27/1/22
Some aerial photography at two locations yesterday morning, when the weather was bright and generally sunny, before the wind and rain arrived during the afternoon.  DJI Mini 2 30/1/22
The first location was a return visit to The Broogh, Santon.  Apparently the site has never ben investigated archeologically and it's actual original purpose is still unknown.  From 'Archaeological Sites of the Isle of Man' it was either a Prehistoric Burial Mound, and Iron Age Ring Fort or a Medieval Motte.
On to the second location, at Port Grenaugh.  The breeze was starting to pick up a bit so I wasn't flying for long here.

I've just finished re-working and extending the computer screen background aerial pictures section.  The pictures previously there from 2017 & 2018 should still be there (a few may have been lost though), plus new ones from 2015, 2016, 2019 and 2020.  They're arranged slightly differently, now by calendar months and I'm afraid that the links between pictures have gone, it was just too complicated and time consuming to set up.  The thumbnails below are the index pictures for each month's section, there are at the moment, an average of 29 backgrounds to choose from in each month and a grand total of 348.
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 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham