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 Non IOM (Lanzarote) Aerial Photo section
I've now completed the web pages featuring mainly aerial pictures on our recent visit to the Canary island of Lanzarote.  I took the DJI Mini 2 lightweight drone with me and shot a lot of both conventional and interactive 360 degree panoramas. I've concentrated on the 360 panoramas for the web pages, but added some single shots where I think they will enhance the selections.  A few ground level pics have also crept in! 
The pic is us up on the high grounds above Famara.
Lanzarote Aerial Gallery
Updated: 26/12/21

Well it's the last day of the year and the website didn't quite end up with the December pictures I was expecting to take.  On the other hand, as a result of my little accident you've ended up with a big selection of older aerial pictures from 2000, so there's always a bright side to everything!  I've also been re-working the 'Screen Backgrounds' section of the site, simplifying it and adding new pictures.  For those of you who haven't seen it before, it gives you a selection of larger aerial pictures (1920 x 1080) that can be used on computers as a screen background.  The new format is arranged by the months of the year and will be easier for me to add in new pictures.  So far I have produced January to April, with the other months to follow.  Click the picture below to visit the new section:
Best wishes to all Island Images visitors, thank you for looking at my pictures and I hope to continue the service though 2022.
Cheers, Jon

This is the final set of aerial pictures take in 2000 and the final set I'll upload this year making a total of 178 in the Aerial 2000 gallery.  I probably have a similar number taken from 2001 to 2003 which I'll start uploading in the new year.
The penultimate set of eighteen aerial pictures taken in 2000 are now in the Aerial 2000 gallery.
More Aerial pics from 2000, this time from three different flights, one of them in a helicopter.  There are 29 in total in the Aerial 2000 gallery.
There are ten more Aerial pictures from 2000 in the Aerial 2000 gallery.
Some new pictures for a change.  Yesterday afternoon the sun appeared after a very dull and wet morning, and I was allowed out for a fairly short trip in the car with my camera.  I'd originally planned to follow the Mountain Road past Bungalow and to Guthrie's, but there was still very thick cloud over the hills so I diverted along the Brandywell Road and down to Injebreck, ending up at St Luke's Church again, the scene of my accident last week.  All went OK though this time!
Panasonic TZ200 23/12/21
Some more aerial pictures from 2020, twelve from 18th August are in the Aerial 2000 gallery.
 Twenty three more aerial pictures in the Aerial 2000 gallery, this flight was on the 21st July.
Another set of aerial pictures from 2000, heading halfway to Scotland and then back, are in the Aerial 2000 gallery.  Date of flight 4/5/00
Happy Solstice!
I've uploaded eighteen more aerial pictures into  the Aerial 2000 gallery.  Flight dates 16th & 28th March 2000
Eleven more old aerial pictures added to the Aerial 2000 gallery. This time it was just a short 30 minute flight from Ronaldsway up to Laxey and back.
Flight Date: 25/1/00
Here's the start of the new project while I can't get out for new Isle of Man pictures.  During the early 2000s I started experimenting with aerial photography around the island while flying light aircraft, using my first proper digital camera, the Fuji MX-1500 and then the Fuji 4900 & S602.  The pictures will be in their own part of the 'Aerial' section of the website, shown in the original format as shot by the camera and in sets taken on individual flights.
There are now 24 new Aerial pictures in the Aerial 2000 gallery.  Flight Date 19/1/00
I decided yesterday morning that as I hadn't posted any new IOM pictures since our trip across to England in early December I should do something about it!
So I thought a fairly short trip to the Baldwin valleys and Injebreck might be a good idea, unfortunately things took a bit of a bad turn, but more about that later.
Panasonic TZ200 15/12/21
After taking the pictures at St Luke's church I stupidly managed to trip over a low and rather concealed wire, landing rather heavily on a pile of rocks which winded me.  After recovering I carried on with the other pictures but was in some pain and ended up visiting the A&E section at Nobles Hospital in the afternoon and was diagnosed with probable broken ribs and advised to take it easy for at least a few weeks, which will affect the taking of new pictures.
A stroll around Laxey this afternoon.  Nikon D7100 2/12/21
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham