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Non IOM (Lanzarote) Aerial Photo section
Some of you may well have seen this by now, but I didn't really want to make too much of it as I had a few problems setting it up.  I took the MINI 2 drone to Lanzarote on our recent trip and shot quite a lot of images, but concentrating to a degree on the 360 Interactive Panorama ones.  They take a bit of setting up for viewing but I'm now reasonably advanced in creating the new gallery for them so I'll give it a bit of publicity here.  It's still quite a work in progress but I'll be adding new pictures on a regular basis (when I find the time!) and I'll make another announcement when I'm done.  The gallery is linked from both the October 2021 section and also the Aerial Pictures - '3D' Interactive Panoramas sections, or just click the link below.  The pic is us up on the high grounds above Famara.
Lanzarote Aerial Gallery

11th November
Some aerial pictures taken in the St John's area yesterday afternoon, just before sunset.   DJI Mini 2 10/11/21
13th November
Yesterday we went out for lunch at The Sound Cafe, it wasn't really intended as a photographic trip but of course I took a camera and ended up taking
pictures at five locations!  Panasonic TZ200 12/11/21
The Sound
Cregneash Village
Port Erin
From the Round Table to Dalby road
14th November
I tried installing the latest version of DJIs 'Fly' control software for the Mini 2 drone yesterday so needed a quick test flight to check that it worked OK. As I had suspected, it didn't work (new versions seem very fussy as to specific phones they will work on) so I uninstalled it and re-installed a much older version that would appear to work 'as advertised' by DJI on all Android phones running v6 or upwards.  The pictures around the Dhoon Glen were taken subsequently.
DJI Mini 2 13/11/21
17th November
A quick stroll through Colby Glen on a very dull afternoon yesterday. There's still a lot of nice autumn colours on the trees. Panasonic TZ200 16/11/21
18th November
Yesterday afternoon we did a trip to Ballaglass Glen, which is probably my favourite of all the Manx scenic glens.  Although it had been sunny on and off during the morning, by the afternoon it was solid overcast which made light levels rather low in the glen.  Nikon D7100 17/11/21
20th November
Some pictures taken just before sunset on Thursday afternoon at Castletown.  Nikon D7100 18/11/21
There are twelve new Aircraft picture taken at Ronaldsway on Thursday afternoon in Aircraft 2021 Pt 4.  Nikon D7100 18/11/21
21st November
A visit on Friday afternoon to Milntown House for lunch and a stroll around the gardens.  Panasonic TZ200 19/11/21
22nd November
Just three pictures from a very quick flight on Saturday morning by the two Braddan churches.  DJI Mini 2 20/11/21
Yesterday morning I headed down to the south, hoping to shoot some aerial pictures at The Chasms.  However, when I arrived the wind at the top was
too strong and gusty, so the drone stayed in the back of the car and I just had a walk around with the compact camera.  Panasonic TZ200 21/11/21
23rd November
On Sunday afternoon we headed up to Ballaugh Curragh for a walk through the wetlands, not getting back to the car until almost dark.
Nikon D7100 21/11/21
24th November
A trip to the Point of Ayre on Monday morning.  I hadn't been up there for a while and the wind had dropped enough to do some aerial photography with a drone. I hadn't flown my Phantom 4 Pro since May (the Mini 2 is just so much easier and lighter to carry!) so wanted to take it for a flight.  The first I've pictures are with the Phantom then the rest with the Mini 2.  You probably can't see too much difference in quality at this size, but the Phantom pics are higher resolution.
DJI Phantom 4 Pro & DJI Mini 2 22/11/21
Stopping off on the way back from the PoA for some aerial shots of Bride Church and the village.  DJI Mini 2 22/11/21
25th November
Yesterday's post sunset sky from Birch Hill.  Stitched from five original pictures.  Panasonic TZ200 24/11/21
Douglas Seafront
I'd been wanting to do these flights after the Department of Infrastructure announced a week or so back the the promenade road works were finished.  I think that they meant the actual road surfacing as there's still quite a lot of finishing to be done, including the temporary terminus area for the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway somewhere around the bottom of Broadway or War Memorial area.  The final section of Horse Tramway to the Sea Terminal has been promised for next winter and most of it has been left as a 'green corridor' between the car parking and the sunken gardens.  DJI Mini 2 25/11/21
360 Interactive Panoramas
A few more aerial pictures from Thursday afternoon, this time looking at the Conister Rock, Douglas Harbour and the Head.  DJI Mini 2 25/11/21
There are five new Aircraft pictures in Aircraft 2021 Pt 4
After the gales of the last few day, yesterday afternoon it calmed down enough to allow me to fly a drone and I decided to try some sunset and after pictures in the Douglas area.  DJI Mini 2 28/11/21
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham