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12th April
Some more conventional aerial pictures taken during yesterday morning's 'interactive panorama' shoot at Ramsey.  Unlike the interactive ones, these are just in the order they were shot, it took me hours to sort out the order of yesterdays ones!  DJI Mini 2  11/4/21
11th April
The following set of nine pictures are a bit of an experiment in linked interactive panoramas.  They were shot at Ramsey Harbour this morning, although not in the order that they are displayed in here, due to varying lighting.  The pictures aren't perfect, but you should be able to follow a sequence from outside the breakwaters all the way past the swing bridge and up into the top part of the harbour.  I'm experimenting with some 'Hotspots' on the pictures to enable you to jump around between them, but it's not complete yet and only on some of the images.
DJI Mini 2 11/4/21
10th April
A sunny afternoon with light winds yesterday and I visited Niarbyl on the west coast for some aerial photography.  I had hoped to get a bit 'lower and closer' for one of the Interactive Panoramas, but predictably other people had also though it would be good to visit so I had to stay further out.
DJI Mini 2  9/4/21
The Interactive Panoramas
8th April
Pictures taken on a walk down the Dhoon Glen yesterday afternoon.  It was generally rather cloudy which reduced the colour saturation levels for some of the pictures, particularly those taken using the drone.  Panasonic TZ200 & DJI Mini 2  7/4/21
A couple of interactive aerial panoramas
5th April
This super-yacht anchored off Onchan Head after arriving from Gibraltar yesterday afternoon.  Rather unimaginatively called 'Sailing Yacht A', the Marine Traffic website describes her as a 'houseboat'!  At 142 metres in length she is 25 metres longer than the 'Ben-my-Chree' although of very similar breadth (25 metres) and tonnage (12,558) to the Ben.  The main mast reaches to 100 metres above the waterline and has an electric 'Crows Nest' to reach the top.
She was constructed in 2017 and is flagged in Bermuda.
Link to an interesting article on her from Boat International
3rd April
You'll be getting fed up with pictures up in the hills, but with the present Covid restrictions in place it's the safest place for me to walk and take photographs.  Yesterday's walk was from the Black Hut, towards Clagh Ouyr before turning right and walking around the top end of the upper Cornaa Valley. Then dropping down to the valley floor to visit and photograph the old North Laxey Mine, abandoned in 1897.  After that a return walk to the car via Keeil Moirrey and a step climb up out of the valley to go via the summit of Clagh Ouyr. Ground and aerial pictures with several interactive panoramas.  Panasonic TZ200 & DJI Mini 2 2/4/21
2nd April
A set of aerial pictures taken yesterday afternoon at the Killabrega tholtan in the hills above Sulby Glen.  I usually do my aerial photography in the height band from around 100 ft to 400 ft above ground level, but some of these images were taken as an experiment at much lower levels.  Unfortunately there was some quite low cloud cover which has muted the colours a bit.  DJI Mini 2 1/4/21
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham