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March Update
For those who don't already know, we've entered another extended 'Covid Lockdown' here in the Isle of Man.  This is obviously going to affect me being
able to take new pictures for the website, although I'll be able to get some from time to time if I'm out walking somewhere.
Here's a first picture for March though, it's the sunset taken from home on Tuesday 2nd, just before the lockdown started at midnight that day.
Panasonic TZ200 2/3/21
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I've altered the method of accessing the Interactive Panoramas so you no longer need to go to Kuula website.  New ones will appear in the 'Month' pages but there is now a master index for all of them, accessed via the 'Aerial Pictures' tab from the website front page.  Each panorama has a thumbnail image which links to the main picture, set up to scroll in slow motion across the scene. You can hit the 'Pause' button at top right or choose to view the scene in Full Screen mode.  Move the picture around with the mouse or ponter on a touchscreen device.  At the bottom left there is a 'Map' icon which will bring up a Google Maps window showing where the panorama was taken from.  Panoramas pre 2021 are mostly not full 360 degree ones.
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6th March
Pictures from a walk from close to Injebreck Reservoir, up to the summit of Colden before returning.  I took the Mini 2 drone along with me so there's a mixture of ground level and aerial photographs.  Panasonic TZ200 & DJI Mini 1  5/3/21
Interactive Panoramas
8th March
The weather was good yesterday, with early cloud dispersing to leave a bright and sunny day.  I set out in the morning to try a walk that I hadn't sampled before, from Creg-ny-Baa to Slieau Lhost and back.  Not too far but there is no footpath shown on any maps I have, although the land is marked as available for 'Public Ramblage' on the IOM Outdoor Leisure map.   Panasonic TZ200 & DJI Mini 2 7/3/21
Interactive Panoramas
10th March
On Sunday afternoon we did a short walk along Injebreck Reservoir, starting at the dam and walking to where the road starts climbing up at Injebreck, before we headed back to the car.  I took some ground level and aerial pictures on the way.  It's an easy walk, just under 2.5 miles on the level. 
Panasonic TZ200 & DJI Mini 2.  7/3/21
Interactive Panoramas
13th March
Yesterday should have seen the first day of regular services for 2021 on the Steam Railway.  However, due to the latest Covid lockdown it didn't happen, so here are some pictures from the same day ten years ago.  Nikon Coolpix P100 12/3/11
14th March
With no new pictures to share for a week now, I thought that I'd delve back into my archives and came across these ones, taken on this day twenty years ago during a flight around the island.  Picture quality isn't a good as more recent ones ast the camera used only had a 1.5 Mp sensor and 3x optical zoom.
Looking at my logbook I was flying Piper Cherokee Archer G-BUMP and had fellow IOM photographer Peter Killey with me.
Fuji MX1700 14/3/01
16th March
After a week of poor weather, with strong winds and frequent rain, yesterday's forecast was good so I set of in the morning for a walk in the hills above Sulby Glen, planning to visit at least three of the old tholtans up there, with a possibility of a fourth.  I took the little Mini 2 drone in my rucksack in the hope of taking a few aerial pictures.  The weather didn't look too good on the drive there, with cloud covering Snaefell, but in the event there were some good spells of sunshine.
DJI Mini 2  15/3/20
Interactive Panoramas
17th March
Some pictures from another stroll alongside Injebreck Reservoir on Monday afternoon.  I decided to just use my phone for the photos as a challenge!
Samsung Galaxy A71  15/3/21
19th March
Yesterday afternon I took a short walk down to the beach at Garwick, just south of Laxey.  Garwick Glen was at one time a popular toursit attraction and my 1930s 'Red Guide' book notes that admission was sixpence with various attractions available to visitors.  These days the actual glen is private, but you can access the beach either by a narrow lane from the main road (no parking though) or by a footpath down from the Clay Head Road. 
Panasonic TZ 200 & DJI Mini 2  18/3/21
20th March
Yesterday afternoon the weather looked good, so I set off for a moorland walk from the Beinn-y-Phott road to the The Crammag tholtan, just above Sulby Reservoir. It's quite a had walk whichever way you approach it from with no defined footpaths although sheep tracks can be very useful!  I walked via the sheep ring, one of three in the general area shown on the maps, there's a drop down (and climb back up!) of around 750 feet from the road.
Panasonic TZ200 & DJI Mini 2  19/3/21
Interactive Panoramas
23rd March
Some pictures taken on a walk down into the East Baldwin valley from Windy Corner via Gob-y-Creggagh on Sunday afternoon.  It was rather breezy up on the high ground, but a lovely walk and only saw four other people on the whole walk. I took a little detour along a green lane to visit the tholtan of Crey-y-Cowin before dropping down to river level in the valley, then returning on the same route.
This is also a trial of integrating the 360 degree Interactive Panoramas into the other pictures.
Panasonic TZ200 & DJI Mini 2  21/3/21
28th March
This set of pictures were taken yesterday afternoon on a walk starting from home and heading up towards the reservoirs of The Clypse and Kerrowdhoo.  It was a rather dull afternoon with the weather forecast indicating rain and strong winds later in the afternoon so I had a few options planned!  Although I had the Mini 2 drine in my rucksack, there was to be no aerial photography as the wind was too strong.
Panasonic TZ200 27/3/21
31st March
After a very dull morning, the weather brightened up in the afternoon and I was able to get out for a short walk in the West Baldwin area.  On the drive back home I had a quick stop at St Luke's church for some aerial pictures.
Panasonic TZ200 & DJI Mini 2
St Luke's Church and the old Tynwald Site.  DJI Mini 2
1st April
These pictures were taken yesterday afternoon on a walk into the hills of Greeba and Slieau Ruy from Cronk Breck.  A fairly strenuous climb up through Greeba Plantation but some great views from the tops, although visibility was a bit restricted due to haze.  Panasonic TZ200 & DJI Mini 2  313/21
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham