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2nd February
Today is Imbolc, an ancient pre-Christian celtic festival celebrating the start of Spring, when plants began growing again after the cold of winter. Also know as Brigid's Day (after the goddess Brigid) and later Christianized as St Brigit's Day.  In the Isle of Man the festival is know as Laa'l Breeshey. 
One of the first flowers to emerge are the Snowdrops and I paid a visit yesterday to Braddan Old Church just outside Douglas, where they grow around the graves in the churchyard.  Imbolc Wikipedia Article link.   Nikon D7100 & DJI Mini 2
Moving on to a location that has a direct connection to Brigid, this is one of apparently seven ancient Keeil's dedicated to St Brigit.  These keeils were numerous (174 sites are recorded) and are often in rather remote locations and I wonder if they were established on the old Pagan worship sites with the coming of Christianity to the island.  This keeil stands in the middle of a farm field around half a mile north east of the village of Crosby.  DJI Mini 2
Interactive Panorama
3rd February
A few pictures taken yesterday, when we went out for lunch at The Sound Cafe.  The weather was not good, temperature not much above freezing with rain falling for most of the day, turning to sleet or snow on higher ground, but it was great to be able to travel on the island and eat out after our recent Covid related lockdown restrictions were lifted from Monday.   Panasonic TZ200 & Samsung Galaxy S8.
Continuing with the scans of Colour Slides from 1993, there are fifteen new pictures in 1990s Gallery Two
4th February
I've finished off the scans of 'general' Colour Slides from the 1990s today with twenty new ones from 1993 uploaded to 1990s Gallery Two
As I've been uploading I've realised that I probably took the slides from arriving in the island in 1990, changing over to prints sometime during 1993, therefore
I've shown them in the wrong order!  I'll reverse the two galleries order when I finish the sections.  I want to do a little selection of pictures taken on the Isle of Man Railways in the 1990s to conclude with, trying to show scenes that have changed over the years since then.
6th February
There are seven new Aircraft pictures taken at Ronaldsway yesterday, in Aircraft 2021 Pt1.  Panasonic TZ200 5/2/21
The promised selection of scans from Railway pictures from the 1990s are now in 1990s Gallery Two, with twenty pictures selected to show either scenes or railway stock that have changed over the years since then.  The original pictures were colour slides taken between 1990 and 1993.
7th February
A visit to the beach!  Yesterday afternoon was generally sunny, if a little cold, and I decided to take a stroll along Whitestrand beach on the west coast.  It was too breezy for any drone flying, but I have a nice Aerial Panorama of the beach taken back in September last year.
Panasonic TZ200 6/2/21
9th February
There are six new Railway pictures from yesterday afternoon now in Railways 2021 Pt1.  Panasonic TZ200 8/2/21
10th February
Yesterday we had a first visit of the year to Milntown House and Gardens in Ramsey, mainly for lunch at the super cafe there but then for a stroll around the gardens.  Temperatures are still very low for here, hovering around freezing, but the gardens are nice at any season.  Panasonic TZ200 9/2/21
A few shots by Ramsey South beach on the way home.  This is where a development company would like to build a big marina and apartments,
right on the beach!  Panasonic TZ200 9/2/21
A nice post-sunset sky viewed from my window after arriving home
12th February
Three pictures taken yesterday afternoon at Castletown while waiting for aircraft to appear at Ronaldsway!  Panasonic TZ200 11/2/21
The aircraft that I had really gone down to photograph, an RAF C17 Globemaster III, didn't arrive until after dark (two hours late!) but I managed to get a few other pictures while I was there.  Ronaldsway is very quiet at the moment due to the Covid travel restrictions, with Loganair covering all scheduled passenger flights to only three destinations, Liverpool Manchester and London, with two aircraft.  There are nine new Aircraft pictures in Aircraft 2021 Pt1.
Nikon D7100 11/2/21
13th February
A visit to Glen Helen yesterday afternoon, mainly to photograph the amazing icicles close to the entrance, but then continuing along the footpath to view the Lower and Upper Rhenass Falls.  Nikon D7100 12/2/21
19th February
Pictures taken on a walk in the Glen Rushen/Glen Dhoo area.  It had been sunny when I left home but by the time I reached the area, cloud was sitting on top of South Barrule and it had turned rather grey.  It was quite breezy on the moorland but a bit more sheltered down in the glen and I was able to get a few aerial shots of the normally hidden old reservoir.  Panasonic TZ200 & DJI Mini 2
19th February (Testing a new phone camera)
This selection of pictures was taken at Glen Wyllin and Kirkmichael to test out the camera on a new mobile phone.  It's a Samsung Galaxy A71 which in fact has four different 'cameras' (I would say lenses!) fitted.  The Main Camera is (35 mm equivalent) 24 mm focal length at f/1.8, which  would call a wide angle.  This can produce up to a 64mb picture.  There is also a 'Ultra Wide Camera' which is 13 mm focal length at f/2.2 and produces a 12mb picture.  There is a Macro lens that is 25 mm equivalent focal length at f/2.4 and a 'Depth Camera' which I didn't test yesterday.  Most of the picture have minimal editing, a slight crop sometimes, the re-sized down to my usual web site size with a little sharpening to offset the effects of re-sizing.  I'll put some technical details on the picture for those who are interested.  Most were shot on fully Auto settings on the Main Camera in a 16:9 format, I'll mention any alternative settings.
Well that was just a quick test on one afternoon, mainly leaving it on Auto settings to see how it would cope.  I think it did really well, obviously not as versatile as a 'real' camera and with a fixed apeture, which does restrict you a bit.  It was interesting to see how it switched picture taking and processing modes according to conditions.  For a lot of the 'scenic' ones it went into HDR mode where it takes multiple pictures and combines them to even out exposure.  I thought it did exceptionally well on those.  Minor criticism is the lack of sharpness at the edges of the 'Ultra Wide' pictures and a tendency to sharpen a bit more than I would really like. The colours could be a bit bright at times, although they looked worse on the phone screen!  All in all I'm well impressed.
21st February
Something a bit different here. I was still playing around with the new phone camera and wanting to try some close-up pictures.  We were visiting Element Isle at the Grenaby Artist Studios near Ballabeg where Claire and Scott were kind enough to let me use some of their lovely creations for the tests.  The results weren't perfect, but I thought quite impressive for a phone camera.  I used both the Main and Macro cameras.  Samsung Galaxy A71 20/2/21
I should probably point out that the items photographed are worked in silver, the gold effect is due to the lighting and me not managing the white balance.
Continuing onwards to look at the waves at Port St Mary and The Sound.  It was a wild day and quite difficult to hold the phone steady!
Samsung Galaxy A71 20/2/21
23rd February
An afternoon visit to the Curraghs Wildlife Park on Sunday afternoon.  Nikon D7100 21/2/21
The Wildlife Park is still opening on its winter hours, so we had to leave by 4 PM, but as there was still over an hour of daylight left, we decided to go for a walk in the Curragh wetlands area that the park is situated in.   Nikon D7100 & DJI Mini 2  21/2/21
Interactive Panorama
24th February
With the weather looking good for Monday morning, I returned to Ballaugh Curragh to try some more aerial photography of this fascinating area, flying from four different locations.  Apart from the main Curragh wetlands area, there are several nature reserves in the area, where grasslands are managed using traditional methods.   DJI Mini 2    22/2/21
Moaney & Crawyns Meadows
Close Umpson
Ballaugh Curragh.  Flying from two locations within the main area of the wetlands.
Interactive Panoramas
25th February
After the final drone flight I returned to the car, taking one of the longer footpath walks through the Curragh instead of just following the green lane.
Panasonic TZ200 22/2/21
26th February
Some pictures taken during a walk along the River Neb from Peel on Monday afternoon. 
Nikon D7100, the last four are with the Samsung Galaxy A71 phone camera.  22/2/21
27th February
Ground and aerial pictures taken on a very pleasent, if sometimes strenouous, walk in the Eary Cushlin area on Thursday afternoon.
Panasonic TZ200 & DJI Mini 2  25/2/21
Interactive Panoramas
1st March
A visit to the tholtan of Killabrega late on Friday afternoon, high in the hills above Sulby Glen.  DJI Mini 2 26/2/21
Interactive Panoramas
After finishing the flight at the tholtan, I walked the short distance away to try some drone shots of the waterfall, that drops around 350 ft down into Sulby Glen.  It was in the deep shadow so colours are rather muted.
The weather yesterday morning was bright and sunny with very light winds, so I set out to try some aerial photography from the summit of Snaefell.
DJI Mini 2 28/2/21
Interactive Panoramas
Four ground level phone pictures from Snaefell summit.  Samsung Galaxy A71 28/2/21
Having waited around at the summit for a while in the hope that the cloud would clear, I decided that it probably was going the hang around for quite a while so set off back down.  If course as soon as I was about half way down it cleared, so I decided to take a few more shots in the area of The Bungalow.
Interactive Panoramas
2nd March
Hoping to finish off the pictures taken in February this morning!  On Sunday afternoon the weather stayed bright and with light winds so I set off to take some aerial pictures from several locations on the Mountain Road.  After the first I ran into cloud cover problems again and things didn't work out quite as planned, but the bonus was the last set of pictures at Sulby Reservoir around sunset.  DJI Mini 2 & Samsung Galaxy A71  28/2/21
Interactive Panoramas
Sulby Reservoir
Interactive Panorama
As I was walking back to the car after my flight, I took a few pictures using my phone.
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham