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5th May
Three pictures of dramatic cloud early yesterday evening.  Just shot from home using my camera phone.  Samsung A71 4/5/21
8th May
Regular visitors may have noticed the relative lack of new pictures since our staycation to Milntown last month.  This is due to the fact that I've had a heavy cold since returning home, but yesterday afternoon I was feeling better, the weather was lovely so I ventured out to Tholt-y-Will for a little aerial photography.
DJI Phantom 4 Pro  7/5/21
Interactive Panoramas
There are three new Railway pictures in Railways 2021 Pt2  Panasonic TZ200 7/5/21
11th May
Pictures from a walk along the Silverburn from Ballasalla to Silverdale yesterday afternoon.  Nikon D7100 10/5/21
13th May
Talking advantage of some calm and clear weather for some aerial photography yesterday morning.  DJI Phantom 4 Pro 12/5/21
The Braaid and Braaid Village
Interactive Panoramas
Interactive Panoramas
14th May
A visit to the wonderful Ballaglass Glen to see how the bluebells are this year.  Nikon D7100 12/5/21
15th May
Some aerial photography yesterday evening of Peel Castle and the town.  The castle sits on St Michael's Isle  which was indeed an island originally until linked to the mainland by a causeway.  The oldest structures on the island, including the round tower, are from a celtic monastery but in the 11th century a wooden fort was constructed there by the Norse invaders under King Magnus Barelegs, the present stone fortifications being added later.  The castle housed the original St German's cathedral, which was abandoned in the 18th century.  DJI Phantom 4 Pro 14/5/21
17th May
A little aerial photo session at Port Erin Beach yesterday morning with the DJI Spark.  The batteries don't last long in the Spark so it took three actual flights to capture these pictures, really missing my newer Mini2 and hoping that it will be coming back from warranty repair really soon!
DJI Spark 16/5/21
Interactive Panoramas
There are three new Aircraft pictures in Aircraft 2021 Pt 2.  Panasonic TZ200 16/5/21
18th May
There are eight new railway pictures in Railways 2021 Pt2  Panasonic TZ200 17/5/21
After taking the Manx Electric pictures, I continued northwards to Laxey and Ballaragh and I took the picture below from just above the Dhoon Glen, looking across the sea to the Cumbrian Mountains in England. It was stitched from 12 original pictures.  Panasonic TZ200 17/5/21
I continued back to Laxey where I was fortunate to meet up with Stewart Clague, founder of local company SCS Services and also of the Ballannette Trust in Lonan.  He and the trust have just established a new nature reserve in Laxey, extending along the river from the Salmon Centre and up the hill towards Agneash.  He explained that the land had been acquired initially to carry out river works to alleviate flooding that had affected laxey in the past, but he then realised that the derelict land could be cleared and made into a nature reserve.  During the clearance it was discovered that it was the site of an old rubbish dump for Laxey, which had to be cleared.  There is an 'IOM Today' article about the new reserve here.  Many thanks to Stewart for taking the time to chat with me about this lovely project.
20th May
Some aerial photography yesterday at Bulgham Bay and the Dhoon Glen.  The main purpose of the mission was to shoot some 360 degree interactive panoramas to try and give an impression of this amazing place from an angle that most people will never see.  The cliffs rise steeply from sea level to a height between 500 and 600 feet and the coast road and Manx Electric Railway run along on a narrow ledge carved out from the rock.  The MER reaches its highest elevation here at the northern end of the bay, above the Dhoon Glen, at a height of 588 feet, before dropping down the the Dhoon Glen station.  I'd like to express my appreciation to Mr & Mrs Quilleash for permission to fly from their land at both ends of the bay.  DJI Phantom 4 Pro 19/5/21
Bulgham Bay from the South
Interactive Panoramas
The Dhoon Glen and Bulgham Bay from the North
Interactive Panoramas
There are five new Railway pictures in Railways 2021 Pt2  Panasonic TZ200 19/5/21
21st May
Some more pictures from Wednesday.  We went to Cafe Bar 26 on the south side of the airport for lunch and then had a leisurely stroll around Langness afterwards, not arriving home until around 7 PM - there's always lots to stop and look at/photograph at Langness!  Panasonic TZ200 195/21
23rd May
Yesterday was the first day in 2021 of passenger services on the Manx Electric Railway, delayed from March due to the Covid restrictions in place.  There are twenty pictures taken yesterday morning in Railways 2021 Pt2  Panasonic TZ200 22/5/21
25th May
Some aerial photography in Sulby Glen yesterday morning.  The flights were really just return to service test flights with a new Mini 2 drone that DJI had sent me to replace the one that became unserviceable back in the middle of April.  It was a bit cloudy for much of the time so quite a few of the pictures are 'HDR' combined shots from the three original varied exposure ones (AEB) that the Mini 2 can shoot automatically for me.  DJI Mini 2 24/5/21
There are three new Railway pictures taken at The Bungalow yesterday, in Railways 2021 Pt2  Panasonic TZ200 24/5/21
26th May
Pictures from the final flying location for Monday at Sulby Claddagh.  DJI Mini 2 24/5/21
28th May
After an afternoon visit to the Curraghs Wildlife park, I took the opportunity to carry out a couple of aerial photography sessions over the Ballaugh Curragh. This is an internationally recognised RAMSAR wetlands site and is a fascinating are that was at one time drained and farmed, but in recent years has been allowed to revert to it's natural state and vegetation.  DJI Mini 2 26/5/21
A 'Blood Moon' risies above the Irish sea, viewed from Birch Hill.  Panasonic TZ200 26/5/21
Yesterday saw the belated start of scheduled passenger trains on the IOM Steam Railway.  There are twenty new Railway pictures in 
Railways 2021 Pt2  Nikon D7100 27/5/21
There are also five new Manx Electric Railway pictures in Railways 2021 Pt2  Nikon D7100 27/5/21
31st May
It was a lovely Sunday yesterday, a bright sunny day and almost calm, so I decided to try a project that I'd been thinking about for a while, taking some 360 degree interactive panoramas from a few different areas of Douglas. The only down side was that it was a bit hazy, so not so good for the distant views.
DJI Mini 2  30/5/21
Noble's Park & St Ninian's
Hutchinson Square
In 1940 during WW2 this area became an internment camp with all residents evicted under orders from the UK Government.  The area was enclosed by barbed wire and eventually over 1,200 internees were living in the houses around the square.  For more information read the Wikipedia Article.  The internment camp was closed in 1944 but it was then converted to a Prisoner of War camp and used as such until 1945 when the owners were allowed back to their properties.
The Villa Marina Gardens
Douglas Beach
The final location for aerial photography yesterday, flying from the beach at low tide, more or less in front of the Villa Marina Arcade.  The road along the promenade is still a real mess, although the final design is now starting to take shape.
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham