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3rd August
Some pictures taken on a visit to the Wildlife Park on Saturday afternoon.  Nikon D7100 1/8/20
Some pictures of wild Wallabies out in the Curragh.  We saw either five of six on a short walk.  Nikon D7100 1/8/20
4th August
Pictures from a walk around the Langness peninsula yesterday afternoon, including a large panorama stitched from 15 original pictures.  Considering that they were shot 'hand held' with a compact camera, PtGui did an amazing job producing the end picture.  Panasonic TZ200 3/8/20
7th August
Pictures taken on a walk yesterday afternoon in Glen Auldyn.  The weather didn't look at all promising with rain and fog on the Mountain Road on the way there and drizzle when I arrived, but it improved through the afternoon.  A mix of ground and aerial pictures using the DJI Spark to get to places I couldn't.  I was a bit surprised by the large number of young pheasants and a huge number of Mallard ducks at one place, but later research showed that this whole area is used for 'sport shooting' so presumably these birds are being raised there just so that they can be shot for 'sport'.  There were no warning signs at all, hopefully when they are actually shooting the fact is well advertised, or do they want to keep it quiet?  Panasonic TZ200 & DJI Spark 6/8/20
9th August
Some pictures from Friday afternoon when we had a stroll around Peel again.  I think that just about every time I go there I discover something the I hadn't seen before, or maybe seen but since forgotten about.  Panasonic TZ200 7/8/20
10th August
A visit to the Jurby Transport Museum yesterday afternoon.  The museum is open every Sunday from 11:00 to 16:00 through the summer although yesterday was a special day with some of the vintage buses carrying out local area trips.  Nikon D7100 9/8/20
Jurby Transport Museum Website
11th August
Yesterday afternoon we took a trip on the Manx Electric Railway from Douglas to Ramsey, intending to spend a while in Ramsey before catching the last tram back.  However it was raining fairly heavily when we arrived at Ramsey so we caught the same tram back again!  The panorama was take at Derby Castle while we were waiting to the tram to arrive and is stitched from nine original pictures.  The two MER pictures are 'HDR' effect multiple (seven) combined images for the rather dramatic effect.  Panasonic TZ200 10/8/20
13th August
A first visit yeterday afternoon to Yn Ellan Ain (Our Island Garden) at St John's.  Very impressive with lots of flowers and insects, unfortunately my identifcation of either isn't great, so I'll just leave the pictures to speak for themselves.  Panasonic TZ200 12/8/20
14th August
Some Aerial photography in the St John's Area on Wednesday afternoon.  DJI Spark 12/8/20
17th August
Pictures from a stroll along the Marine Drive late Friday afternoon.  Panasonic TZ200 14/8/20
Normally when I do aerial photography it's of a particular place or area.  This panorama was a little different as I was doing some flying (with permission) from
a farm field with a newer drone pilot with his aircraft but I though that I would just shoot one to show typical agricultural land on the west of the island.
The location is just to the south of Kirkmichael at Barregarrow.  DJI Phantom 4 Pro 15/8/20
16th August
By steam train to the seaside!  Last Thursday we took the train from Douglas to Port Erin for a short visit before returning.
All of these pictures have been rendered using Corel Painter.  Panasonic TZ200 13/8/20
18th August
The heather is currently in full bloom, turning some of our hillsides a lovely purple colour and making a great contrast with the rich greens of the grass.
I did some aerial photography from three different sites on Saturday afternoon to try and capture the scenes.  DJI Phantom 4 Pro 15/8/20
Keppel Gate
Slieau Maggle, near Injebreck.
South of Sulby Reservoir.
Three of the panoramas reworked into a smaller format to post on FaceBook, but may suit some screens better.
20th August
A few pictures taken yesterday afternoon in the Douglas Head area.  The weather wasn't nice, very dull and overcast with showers of rain passing through.  All of these pictures are combined from multiple shots with varying exposures to try and bring some of the detail out.  Panasonic TZ200 19/8/20
21st August
I came across these pictures this morning looking for something else and thought that I'd share them.  It's a look back to the year 2012 on the Isle of Man Railway when Ballasalla was a manned station and the regular passing place for trains.  The station was then maintained in immaculate condition by the late Jack Petrie, the station master and former engine driver.  Panasonic  FZ150  9/9/12
These were the pictures that I was looking for!  A series that I took from the hill south of Crosby and originally combined and uploaded to the site
in 2012.  Reprocessed today into a format that hopefully will fit onto an average computer screen.  This area was supposedly the inspiration for the
painter John Martin for his huge 'Plains of Heaven' painting that hangs in London's Tate gallery. 
'The Plains of Heaven'
22nd August
After the success of the more compact style panoramas at the end of the aerial shots of the heather, I was looking for some more picture to practice on and found the first two sets from the start of August last year.  The other three pictures are just straight shots but cropped into the same size as the panoramas.  The weather on the 2nd August 2019 was in contrast to today's strong wind and frequent heavy rain showers!  DJI Phantom 4 Pro 2/8/19
25th August
Two set of Aerial pictures taken on Sunday afternoon.  The flights were intended as test flights with two new batteries for the Phantom 4 Pro drone. I bought three batteries when the aircraft was new back in January 2017 and since then have flow over 70 hours with it and two of the original batteries were becoming unusable after 67 and 82 charge cycles respectively.  I don't like to waste flying time so took a couple of picture selections.  DJI Phantom 4 Pro 23/8/20
Gob-ny-Rona, including Port-e-Vullen and Port Lewaigue
Port Mooar, not looking quite as tropical as in the pictures from a year ago, but still a lovely location.
26th August
More aerial photography, this time concentrating on the ancient settlement site at The Braaid where there are remains of Celtic and Norse buildings.
DJI Phantom 4 Pro 24/8/20
27th August
A second aerial photography session from Monday morning, this time flying from by the Rocky Road, on the hill above Crosby.
DJI Phantom 4 Pro 24/8/20
28th August
Still trying to catch up with the pictures, these are from a walk around Langness on Monday afternoon while the weather was still good.
Panasonic TZ200 24/8/20
30th August
These pictures were taken on a rather dull and wet Friday afternoon dog walking in Laxey Glen Gardens/Glen Roy.
Panasonic TZ200 28/8/20
A single shot taken yesterday morning, looking across Druidale from the Injebreck Road.  Panasonic TZ200 29/8/20
Three pictures taken from home at sunset yesterday.  Panasonic TZ200 29/8/20
31st August
Some aerial photography in the Dhoon Glen/Bulgham Bay area yesterday morning.
DJI Spark 30/8/20
Continuing on from the last location, these pictures were taken looking across the north of the island from the Hibernian to Gooseneck lane.
Mostly ground level with the Panasonic TZ200 but a couple of aerial ones with the DJI Spark.  30/8/20
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham