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1st July
Thirty years ago, on the 1st of July 1990, the Steam Packet ship 'Channel Entente' brought me to the Isle of Man as an incomer to start a new job in Air Traffic Control at Ronaldsway Airport.  I didn't know that much about the island then, so it was all a bit of an adventure, but I've now lived in this country longer than any other and never regretted the move.  For the first month I lived in a hotel in Port Erin, before moving to our house in Onchan and the following pictures were taken during that first year.  I'd never heard of the Internet or World Wide Web when I moved here, although the WWW was invented in that year, but eight years later digital photography entered my life and I took the first steps that resulted in the present Island Images website, hopefully to continue for a few more years yet.
4th July
A  few pictures taken in Laxey this morning when I was there to photograph the first day of resumed operation on the Great Laxey Mine Railway.
Nikon D7100 4/7/20
7th July
A few pictures from a visit to a very busy Wildlife Park yesterday afternoon.  Panasonic FZ150 6/7/20
Finishing with some wild wallaby pictures in the curragh.  We counted a total of ten seen in quite a small area.
9th July
Aerial pictures of the Isle of Man's Airport at Ronaldsway
Regular site visitors will have seen the aerial photos taken around Ronaldsway while the airport was closed for extended time periods during April, May and the start of June.  All the drone flights were conducted in accordance with permissions and agreed procedures from the IOM CAA and ATC.  I also took the opportunity to turn the camera towards the airport and have produced a separate gallery of Ronaldsway pictures together with some information showing a bit of the history of the airport and how it has grown since it opened in 1933.
Ronaldsway Airport Aerial Pictures - 2020
 8th July
It's very useful being able to view data from the IOM Met Office's anemometer on Snaefell Summit when planning a tip to the top.  Yesterday the conditions
looked like they might be suitable for some aerial photography so I set off with the little DJI Spark drone in my rucksack.
Panasonic TZ200 & DJI Spark 9/7/20
11th July
After giving up on the Snaefell aerial photography on Thursday afternoon, I headed north along the Mountain Road to Gooseneck
where there were less clouds and did a quick flight there.  DJI Spark 9/7/20
12th July
Five aerial Panoramas, taken yesterday morning and afternoon in three locations.  DJI Spark 11/7/20
16th July
Pictures from a stroll around the gardens at Milntown House on Tuesday, before lunch in the great cafe there.  Panasonic TZ200 14/7/20
18th July
Aerial photography at the delightful Fleshwick Bay on Thursday afternoon, reached by a twisty single track road from Port Erin.  It had been sunny but clouded over just as I was ready to fly, which muted the colours a little.  DJI Phantom 4 Pro 16/7/20
17th July
A few pictures taken in Ramsey on Tuesday afternoon.   Panasonic TZ200 14/7/20
20th July
A trip down to the south western extremity of the island on a sunny Sunday morning, to carry out some aerial photography in the area of The Sound.
DJI Phantom 4 Pro 19/7/20
21st July
Some pictures taken at the Wildlife Park on Sunday afternoon.  Nikon D7100 19/7/20
Some wild Wallabies out in the Curragh.  Nikon D7100 19/7/20
22nd July
Pictures taken on Monday afternoon when we had a walk around the Langness peninsula.  Panasonic TZ200 20/7/20
23rd July
Some aerial photography from Tuesday afternoon, flying from Clet Aldrick, just to the north of the Calf Sound.  DJI Spark 21/7/20
A few more aerial pictures from Tuesday, a quick flight at Port Erin towards the end of the afternoon.  DJI Spark 21/7/20
28th July
After some atrocious weather in the morning with strong winds and heavy rain, it turned nicer after lunchtime and we had a visit to the City of Peel and a stroll around the streets of the old town finishing with a walk around the outside of the castle.  Panasonic TZ200 27/7/20
In the morning
In the afternoon
31st July
Three pictures take from home late yesterday afternoon/evening. Panasonic TZ200 30/7/20
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham