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19th September
More pictures from Tuesday afternoon!  After Milntown we had a fairly quick visit to the Wildlife Park, but these pictures were taken on the way home from there, driving via the Druidale Road from Ballaugh and stopping just above Tholt-y-Will Plantation for these two panoramas.  DJI Spark 15/9/20
Continuing our journey home, we stopped at Injebreck Reservoir for some more aerial pictures. The almost complete calm allowed some great reflections.
DJI Spark 15/9/20
18th September
After visiting a couple of shops in Ramsey on Tuesday morning, we headed onwards to Milntown House for lunch, followed by a stroll around the gardens.  Lots of great flowers and an amazing number of butterflies, mostly Red Admirals but a few others as well.  Panasonic TZ200 15/9/20
17th September
Reflections in a calm Ramsey Harbour on Tuesday morning.  Panasonic TZ200 15/9/20
There are four new Railway pictures in Railways 2020 Pt 3 Panasonic TZ200 15/9/20
16th September
These pictures are from a walk up Tholt-y-Will Glen on Sunday afternoon, starting from the car park near the converted chapel, then walking up through the glen with a stroll around the Corrody and Creggans tholtans at the top.  The map says it's a bit over 300ft from bottom to top, although the GPS suggested that we'd climbed and descended between 500 and 600ft over the whole walk.  On the way back down we detoured to visit the Tholt-y-Will tholtan.  It was a strange day for weather, with cloud covering the hilltops and low visibilty in fog on the Mountain Road, but bright sunshine in Tholt-y-Will.
Panasonic TZ200 13/9/20
14th September
Ten new pictures from the Manx Electric Railway yesterday are in Railways 2020 Pt 3 
Panasonic TZ200 13/9/20
13th September
There are twenty new Railway pictures taken on a trip from Douglas to Port Erin and back on Friday afternoon in Railways 2020 Pt 3 
Panasonic TZ200 11/9/20
12th September
A few pictures taken at Port Erin on Thursday afternoon.  Panasonic TZ200 10/9/20
There are no less than seventeen new Aircraft pictures in Aircraft 2020 Pt 3.  DJI Phantom 4 Pro & Panasonic TZ200 6/9/20 & 10/9/20
9th September
A set of pictures taken in Castletown late on Monday afternoon.  It had been a generally dull and wet day, but after I had left a meeting at the airport it appeared to be brightening up, so rather than sit in queues of traffic around Douglas at rush hour, I had a short stroll around the town for pictures.
Panasonic TZ200 7/9/20
8th September
We had a visit to the Wildlife Park on Sunday afternoon, some pictures from the park and the Curragh with a panorama on the way there, 
a couple of pictures on the way home and some evening shots from home.  Nikon D7100 6/9/20
East Baldwin Valley and the Mountain Road
The Curraghs Wildlife Park
Walking out of the park into the Curragh on one of the provided pathways.
On the way home from the Wildlife Park, in Druidale.
Evening skies at Birch Hill  Panasonic TZ200
There are five new Aircraft pictures taken yesterday in Aircraft 2020 Pt 3.  Panasonic TZ200 7/8/20
5th September
Three new Aerial pictures of the 1944 Royal Navy radar station at Ronaldsway have been added to the ATC 1940s pages.
Ronaldsway must have been one of the first airfields in Britain to have been equipped with radar.
4th September
Quite a large selection of pictures taken yesterday afternoon on a walk down the Dhoon Glen from the car park to the beach and back.  It's quite a steep
descent, dropping around 600 feet over a lateral distance of only just over half a mile and of course you have to climb back up again!
Nikon D7100 3/9/20
2nd September
Yesterday was the first day of meteorological Autumn and was warm and often sunny, in contrast to today has started wet and windy.  We took our house-guest Maggie for a walk up to the Centenary Park at the top of Birch Hill and I took a few pictures in the park.  It's a lovely area with some areas cut but many others allowed to grow naturally with lots of wild flowers according to the seasons.  Panasonic TZ200 1/9/20
The park has been developed by volunteers since around 2016 and I've taken aerial pictures for the Woodland Trust since then.  I'm starting with
four of these showing the park over the years.  DJI Phantom 2 Vision+, Phantom 4 Pro & Spark

 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham