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2 May
Two sunset pictures taken on the last day of April from home
3 May
Pictures taken on a quick visit yesterday in Ballaglass Glen at bluebell time
And a few in Ramsey, which was our real destination
4 May
One great advantage of living on an island is easy access to the sea! Yesterday afternoon I spent couple of hours pottering about on
west coast beaches to the north of Peel and here are some pictures.
6 May
A few pictures taken after work yesterday evening
7 May
We get some great views from the Visual Control Room at Ronaldsway, here are six pictures taken from there yesterday evening
12 May
A mix of pictures taken yesterday
A visit in the afternoon to Beckwith's Mine, outside Foxdale, where the iconic leaning chimney has suffered the inevitable effects 
of wind and gravity and collapsed to the ground. Also two pictures of 'Snuff the Wind'
The leaning chimney in 2010 (picture from the 2010 Yearbook)
13 May
Some pictures taken yesterday afternoon on a walk around the Albert Tower area to the south of Ramsey
18 May
Suddenly, the countryside has turned bright green as the trees unfurl their new leaves.
Pictures taken yesterday lunchtime on the way home from work
19 May
Some pictures with a Nautical theme
22 May
Waiting for some tyres to be fitted to the car, I had a stroll around the streets of Douglas
In the afternoon, out for a walk starting at Santon Church, then via the Santon Gorge and along the coast
25 May
Some pictures taken during the afternoon and evening at Ronaldsway on Wednesday, after a day of fog disrupting flights 
resulted in the airport staying open later than usual
27 May
Three pictures taken on the way into work yesterday morning
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham