June 2012
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11 June
Sea fog over Douglas Bay yesterday
14 June
A couple of pictures taken on Tuesday during my lunch break
16 June
With rain lashing the windows and visibility restricted to just over the other side of our street on this summer (!) Saturday morning,
I thought I'd give you four pictures from last year, re-worked using various styles in Corel Painter.
17 June
Four pictures taken this morning
21 June
A set of pictures tictures taken yesterday morning on a walk along the coastal path from Port Grenaugh    Map Link
The view from work - a Panorama created from four shots
22 June
Some more pictures from Wednesday. In the afternoon we paid a visit to the Close Sartfield nature reserve, which is part of the 
Ballaugh Curragh wetlands area. At this time of year the grassland areas are filled with thousands of wild orchids.
25 June
Four pictures taken through the windows yesterday evening at work, waiting for the last flights of the day to arrive
Some pictures of the Injebreck waterfall taken on Saturday after two days of heavy rain
30 June
Pictures taken yesterday at Port Erin, it was dull and cloudy on the east coast, but sunny (for a while) there
Some pictures taken back on the 20th in Ballaugh Curraghs Wetland
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham