April 2012
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3rd April
Five HDR rendered pictures taken on Douglas Head yesterday afternoon, three originals combined for each.
4 April 
Three pictures taken at lunchtime today using HDR and presented slightly larger than usual
6 April
A set of pictures taken yesterday morning during a hill walk onver Beinn-y-Phott and Carraghan
11 April
Three pictures taken yesterday and today
12 April
Two pictures taken on my way home from work today
14 April
An afternoon stroll around the picturesque Ballaglass Glen, although after a dry spell not too much water in the rivers to enhance the pictures
16 April
A set of pictures taken on a walk around the Mount Karrin area, between Druidale and Sulby Glen
A golden sunset at Birch Hill on Saturday
17 April
Some panoramas from Sunday's walk
25 April
No new Island Images pictures taken on my days off, so here are three sets 'I made earlier!'
Posters and signs displayed inside the booking hall at Douglas station
Preserved vintage buses outside the Steam Railway station
The Fairy Bridge, decorated. Original pictures taken back in 2005
28 April
After several days of wind and rain, yesterday morning was bright and calm and I had a short trip out with the camera before work in the afternoon
30 April
A mix of pictures to finish off the April selection, taken over the last few days
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham