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Waterfalls and Tholtans!
After a lot of strong winds and rain, yesterday was calm and bright so I set out for a walk in the hills from Sulby Glen.  Yes, I know it's the same area that I ended up the March pictures with, but I had a particular destination that I wanted to visit.  There wasn't as much water coming down the waterfalls as I had hoped for, but you just have to take what you can get.  First set of pics is the waterfall that cascades down from Killabrega into Sulby Glen.
Panasonic TZ200 & DJI Mini 2  1/3/22
After stowing the drone away in my rucksack, it was time to head off walking to my destination, the old quarry on the north side of the Block Eary Glen.  I'd seen what looked like an interesting water at the back of the quarry from a distance a few times and wanted to see if I could get a closer view.
Panasonic TZ200 & DJI Mini 2 1/3/22
We took advantage of the lovely weather on Tuesday to take a walk around the Langness peninsula in the afternoon, here are some pictures.
Panasonic TZ200 1/3/22
Back to the quarry!  Sorry if you guys are getting bored with this, but after a night of heavy rain I wondered if the waterfalls at Block Eary Quarry might be more impressive than when I visited on Tuesday.  There was certainly a lot of water making use of the green lane to run off the hillside and the main waterfall in the quarry was quite impressive, although I think I might have missed it at it's most spectacular. It was a rather dull and overcast day so all the picture are multi image 
'HDR' renditions, from either three or five originals.  The ending panorama is also HDR, this time from 78 original shots.
DJI Air 2S 3/3/22
Finishing off the aerial pics from Thursday afternoon, with a second flight in Sulby Glen.  The light was deteriorating as the cloud base fell and these pictures are all multiple exposure 'HDR' ones again, just to try and bring out some of the colours in the dull light.  DJI Air 2S 3/3/22
Yesterday was the first day of scheduled passenger services for 2022 on the steam railway and we took a trip from Douglas to Port Erin and back. 
There are twenty new Railway pictures in Railways 2022 Pt 1.  Panasonic TZ200 4/3/22
A few pictures taken at Port Erin on our train trip there on Friday.  Panasonic TZ200 4/3/22
On Saturday afternoon I took a walk using the 'Warden's Walk' in Colden Plantation, much of which utilizes the old Governor Loch's Road, which is far from a road on some sections, being a very wet and boggy path at the moment!  Aerial photography on the walk.  DJI Air 2S 5/3/22
Some aerial pictures from the first of three flights carried out on Sunday morning.  Although they were in essence test flights, as I wanted to produce some flight data logs for analysis, I usually try to produce some interesting pictures as well. These are of The Clypse and Kerrowdhoo Reservoirs, just outside Onchan.
DJI Mini 2 6/3/22
These pictures are from the second two flights on Sunday morning, flying from either end of Axnfell Plantation, just above Laxey and Glen Roy.  For any of my drone flying friends, I wanted to produce some flight data to rune through the AirData UAV, which takes the data automatically stored on the device you are using for control of your drone and displays it in a graphic and text format so you can see exactly what was happening.  It even records the wind speeds!
DJI Mini 2 6/3/22
I did yet another drone flight on Sunday.  In the afternoon we walked along the Marine Drive, from the archway to Keristal and back and I had the Mini 2 in my rucksack and took the opportunity for a flight at Port Wallberry.  DJI Mini 2 6/3/22
There are seven new Railway pictures in Railways 2022 Pt 1.  Panasonic TZ200 8/3/22
Yesterday afternoon I took a walk in the 'hidden valley' of Glen Dhoo, just south of Ballaugh.  According to my website photo index, the last time I took photos here was back in August 2000, although I'm sure that I've visited there since then.  It was very wet in the valley with a lot of boggy ground to negotiate and there was a small problem crossing the stream, due to the amount of water coming down.  I've started with a small selection of pictures I took back in 2000.
Fuji MX1700 & Panasonic TZ200.  25/8/00 & 10/3/22
After heavy overnight rain I decided on Saturday that a visit to one of the island's waterfalls might be interesting and settled on Spoyt Vane, which is located in Glen Mooar, to the south of Kirkmichael.   Nikon D7100 & DJI Mini 2  12/3/22
Some aerial photography at the Glen Mooar beach, unfortunately the weather had turned rather dull by then.  DJI Mini 2 12/3/22
There are five new Railway pictures from the first day of passenger services on the Manx Electric Railway in Railways 2022 Pt 1.
On Thursday afternoon, Isle of Man Railway No 11 'Maitland' hauled her first (test only) train for nine years from Douglas to Castletown and back. The locomotive had been 'off island' for a full rebuild, arriving back earlier in the year.  There are fifteen new Railway pictures in Railways 2022 Pt 1.
Nikon D7100 17/3/22
On Friday morning I wanted to do a couple of check test flights with two of my drones, after carrying out firmware updates on them.  I also wanted to take a few specific pictures on the southern area of the Marine Drive for a project I'm working on so decided to combine the two tasks.  These pics are effectively just some extra photos that I took while carrying out the other tasks, as I don't like to waste flying time!  DJI Air 2S & Mini 2  18/3/22
Yesterday afternoon we went for a walk in Peel, starting at Fenella beach with a walk around the outside of the castle and then following the River Neb 
past The Raggat before returning to the town at around sunset.  Panasonic TZ200 20/3/22
There are five new Railway pictures in Railways 2022 Pt 1. DJI Mini 2 18/3/22 & Panasonic TZ200 20/3/22
There are five new Railway pictures, taken this morning, in Railways 2022 Pt 1. DJI Air 2S 22/3/22
Some aerial pictures at Port Soderick yesterday morning.  DJI Air 2S 22/3/22
We've been away from home for the last few days, staying at the 'Sky Hill' cottage at Milntown, on the outskirts of Ramsey, which is why there have been no new web pages.  However,  I did take plenty of photos so I'll be catching up over the next few days here.
Walking from Milntown to the top of Glen Auldyn and back.  Panasonic TZ200 & DJI Mini 2  24/3/22
On Friday afternoon we went for an afternoon walk through the wetlands are of Ballaugh Curragh, where a series of paths take you through this fascinating area with some unexpected residents!  Panasonic TZ200 & DJI Mini 2 25/3/22
After arriving back at Milntown from our walk in the Ballaugh Curragh I decided to try some aerial shots of the house and gardens at sunset.  However I stopped to chat with the other cottage guests and the sun had well and truly set by the time I was airborne with the drone!  DJI Mini 2 25/3/22
A great aspect of staying in one of the Milntown apartments is that you can wander around the gardens at any time you wish.  These pictures were however taken on Saturday morning when they were open to the public.  Panasonic TZ200 26/3/22
On Saturday afternoon we took a walk at The Ayres, a stretch of heathland that runs for around six miles in length from Blue Point up to the Point of Ayre.  It's unusual in that it is a lichen heath, composed of both grasses and grey lichen, with raised grass covered dunes separating the mixed stone and sand beach from the heath behind.  Part of the area is designated as the Ayres National Nature Reserve. Panasonic TZ200 & DJI Mini 2 26/3/22
Trying again for the 'Milntown at Sunset' pictures after arriving back from The Ayres.  DJI Mini 2 26/3/22
After checking out of 'Sky Hill' at Milntown and having a rather nice brunch in the cafe there, we headed into Ramsey for a Sunday morning stroll around.
Panasonic TZ200 27/3/22
After a visit to the Wildlife Park in the afternoon, we made our way home via Druidale, stopping to enjoy the view and take a few aerial pictures, including these two 360 Panoramas.  DJI Mini 2 27/3/22
A few aerial pictures shot in the Glen Roy area while dog walking on Tuesday afternoon.  DJI Air 2S 29/3/22
More aerial photography, this time from Thursday afternoon, flying from three locations towards the north of the island.  DJI Air 2S 31/3/22
Blue Point.  I had to curtail my flying here as a wintery shower was rapidly approaching.
The final flight of the day was from Sky Hill, just outside Ramsey.  Its purpose was to try and replicate the scene of an old photograph for an upcoming publication by Loaghtan Books.  The original shot was from ground level, but the trees have grown so much making it impossible to shoot from the tracks now.
DJI Air 2S 31/3/22
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham