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Island Images Statement
The global Covid-19 virus crisis has affected a lot of activities for many and this website is no exception.  The recent selection of pictures have all been taken while self isolating in accordance with IOM Government recommendations, on exercise walks in remote areas either with Georgie or on my own.  New restrictions over the past couple of days mean that I will be unable to go out just to take pictures.  I have one further set to process and upload which will conclude the March gallery but there are unlikely to be any new ones until restrictions are eased.  However, for those of you who visit for an IOM 'fix', all is not lost!  I've been taking digital images of the island since 2000 so I have a huge library to mine for interesting (I hope) shots, which is what I will be doing from the start of April.
Wishing all visitors good health, when we get through this normal service will be resumed at Island Images.  Stay safe,  Jon.  28/3/20

3rd March
Yesterday morning I had to leave my car at the dealers for a software update so while it was there I took a stroll around the streets of Douglas, looking for interesting photographs.  Hopefully I succeeded, but here are some of the results anyway!  Panasonic TZ200  2/3/20
4th March
A few pictures taken on a rather short visit to the Curraghs Wildlife Park on Monday afternoon.  Nikon D7100  2/3/20
We saw a few of the wild Wallabies out in the Curragh, but I didn't manage many good pictures.
Sunset pictures from home.  Nikon D7100  2/3/20
6th March
A couple of pictures from Peel on Tuesday afternoon.  Panasonic TZ200 3/3/20
Continuing yesterday afternoon with the aerial photography of the Jurby Head area started at the back end of last month. Starting with a look at the 'Passages' shipwreck at Jurby Head, arriving just in time as the tide was starting the cover it again.  DJI Phantom 4 Pro 5/3/20
20th March
I've been getting a little behind on the pictures as the weather has been nice and we've been out and about with not much time for picture editing left.  These are from a walk on Wednesday afternoon, starting and finishing at Port Grenaugh.  Panasonic TZ200 18/3/20
21st March
Some aerial photography at Maughold Head and the village.  DJI Phantom 4 Pro  19/3/20
On the way back home from Maughold, I had a pause for another flight, at Lherghy Frissell to take in the Albert Tower and Ramsey. 
DJI Phantom 4 Pro 19/3/20
23rd March
A few pictures from a visit to the Wildlife Park on Thursday afternoon.  Nikon D7100 19/3/20
After the Wildlife Park visit we went for a walk through the Ballaugh Curragh wetlands area, using the boardwalks and paths created on the tops of the old Manx hedges.  The area used to be drained and farmed, but has been allowed to go back to its natural state.  Nikon D7100  19/3/20
24th March
A recent visit to the gardens at Milntown House, Ramsey, where I was fortunate enough to be allowed to take some aerial shots as well.
After the visit to Milntown, a quick stop on the outskirts of Ramsey for another flight with the DJI Spark.
25th March
Some pictures taken on a walk around Langness.  Panasonic TZ60 22/3/20
26th March
A walk from Cregneash to The Chasms, Spanish Head and back.  Panasonic TZ200
28th March
Aerial pictures of three tholtans, a chapel and a mine.  Glen Rushen.  DJI Spark 25/3/20
Two Tholtans
The Chapel
The 1870 Ordnance Survey map show this as 'Wesleyan Methodist Chapel.  In Frances Coakley's 'Manx Notebooks' it is mentioned (under 1902 Chapel returns) as seating 70. Maybe they were talking about another building but it doesn't look big enough and why such a big chapel to serve a few upland farms.  It's suggested that it was owned by Beckwith's Mine, but it's not that close to the mine and as far as I know the miners didn't live up here.  So a bit of a mystery.
The third Tholtan, Claghbane.
Beckwith's Mine
Lead was first discovered here on the surface around 1830 and a mine started to recover it in 1831.  The mine was equipped with a steam engine to pump out water and eventually reached a depth of 185 fathoms.  It continued in production until 1879.  (Laxey Mines Research Group).  There are considerable remains still on the surface although trail bike riding has destroyed much over the years.  The site is now closed off to motor vehicles.
29th March
These are going to be the last 'new' pictures posted on the site until travel restrictions are lifted.  A bit of a shame as we thought we were doing very well with 'social isolating' by only going to places where we were either unlikely to see any other people, or if we did, where it would be easy to keep well clear, such as on this walk on the beach at Jurby Head.  Panasonic TZ200 26/3/20
30th March
I know that I said yesterday's upload of the Jurby Head beach pictures were going to be the last 'new' pictures for the time being, but I came across the first one below that I took on our last 'isolating in the countryside' walk before (it seems) this was disallowed by the police, and wanted to share it.  I think the bridge probably dates from the 1860/70s and originally carried a road, now just a footpath.
Sunset scenes yesterday evening, taken from my house.
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham