December 2019
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 A December Request!
Welcome to the December 2019 page for Island Images.  The three pictures above are not new ones, but go back to the days when I first started doing aerial photography with a drone, five years ago now.   My IOM photo website itself has in fact been running for over twenty years so I think it's time for a bit of a review and I'd like you, my visitors to help out with it.  In its early days I used to have a guest book available on the site and visitors would often leave comments, but it became 'spammed' so much that I had to take it down.  So, for December 2019 only I have set up a special email account and I would really like it if you you just take a couple of minutes to drop a comment, suggestion or criticism to it.  If it gets the response I hope, I won't be able to reply to your emails, but I would really appreciate them!  The address is:  It's not a survey as such, just say what you want, I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

4th December
I went back to the Marine Drive yesterday morning to so some aerial photography in the Little Ness area and also to re-visit the Port Wallberry natural rock arch, but this time with the Phantom 4 which has far superior proximity sensors that the Spark that I had used on Sunday, hopefull enabling me to get lower and closer.  I was also flying from a different location which gave me better visual sighting of both the aircraft and the obsticles.  DJI Phanton 4 Pro  3/12/19
3rd December
As it's December, I thought a trip to the beach would be appropriate!  I went late yesterday afternoon, arriving about an hour before sunset.  Although it was initially a bit dull and overcast, I was rewarded by an absolutely amazing sunset.  Aerial and ground level pictures.
DJI Spark & Panasonic TZ200  2/12/19
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham