December 2019
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 3rd December
As it's December, I thought a trip to the beach would be appropriate!  I went late yesterday afternoon, arriving about an hour before sunset.  Although it was initially a bit dull and overcast, I was rewarded by an absolutely amazing sunset.  Aerial and ground level pictures.
DJI Spark & Panasonic TZ200  2/12/19
4th December
I went back to the Marine Drive yesterday morning to so some aerial photography in the Little Ness area and also to re-visit the Port Wallberry natural rock arch, but this time with the Phantom 4 which has far superior proximity sensors that the Spark that I had used on Sunday, hopefully enabling me to get lower and closer.  I was also flying from a different location which gave me better visual sighting of both the aircraft and the obstacles.  DJI Phantom 4 Pro  3/12/19
19th/21st December
I've been away for just over a week, hence no IOM pictures, but thought you might like this one taken from my window at home this morning.  It's the Welsh mountains of Snowdonia visible on the horizon.  They're around 75 miles away.  Panasonic TZ200 19/12/19
Another 'out of my window' picture, taken the day following the one above.  Conditions can change a lot over a short period of time, sometimes we have no view at all from the window as at 500 ft above sea level, we are in the clouds!  Panasonic TZ200  20/12/19
21st December
Not strictly Isle of Man pictures, but taken from the 'Ben my Chree' on passage back to the island from Heysham.  Panasonic TZ200  16/12/19
A series of pictures taken early yesterday afternoon to show the rock strata on a section of the Marine Drive.  I'm no geologist but they look like horizontal sedimentary layers that have then been severely disrupted into the folds seen today.  Panasonic TZ200 20/12/19
22nd December
Winter Solstice.  Yesterday was the shortest day of the year here and I had thought of taking some (hopefully) aerial pictures of the sunset from Mull Hear near Cregneash.  Whilst the weather was kind for flying (light winds and the rain held off), the cloud insisted on obscuring the sun from me.  However, I think I managed some nice aerial pictures around the hill followed by some ground level ones at the Calf Sound.  DJI Phantom 4 Pro & Panasonic TZ200  21/12/19
25th December
Merry Christmas from the Isle of Man!
A few aerial shots taken at Niarbyl yesterday afternoon, just as the sun was setting.  DJI Spark  24/12/19
26th December
Some more pictures from Niarbyl on Christmas Eve, these ones from ground level after the sun had vanished again.  Panasonic TZ200 24/12/19
Moving on to the City of Peel, some pictures taken around nightfall.  Panasonic TZ200  24/12/19
27th December
Some pictures taken around the Douglas Harbour and Marine Drive areas, dog walking on Christmas Day afternoon.  Panasonic TZ200 25/12/19
31st December
Rounding off the year with a few phone pictures taken while dog walking in the Port Soderick area this afternoon.  Wishing all visitors to my site
good fortune and happiness for 2020 and a particular mention to those of you who replied to my request for some feedback, it was vey much appreciated!
Just having a quick count up and 2019 seems to have broken my record for numbers of scenic pictures uploaded at a total of 2045 for the year.
Samsung Galaxy S8  30/12/19
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham