February 2019
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2nd February
Yesterday was the ancient Celtic festival of Imbolc, the mid point between Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox and marking the start of Spring.  In later years it was transformed into the Christian St Bridgit's Day,  and interesting conversion from the Celtic Goddess Brigid or in Manx Gaelic Breeshey or Vreeshey.  Here are some pictures of Snowdrops springing up at Braddan Old Church.  The original Christian Keeil here probably dated back to around 
400 AD although the present building was constructed in the 1700s.  The site was probably a Celtic one before Christianity arrived on the island.
Panasonic TZ200  1/2/19
3rd February
A walk on Peel Hill.  Panasonic TZ200  1/2/19
4th February
A visit to the wildlife park on Saturday afternoon.   Panasonic TZ200  2/2/19
During a stroll into the Curragh just outside the park we saw a few of the wild wallabies that live here.
8th February
A visit yesterday afternoon to the beach at Lhiannag, between Peel and Kirkmichael.  The path down had been closed for quite a while due to landslips (the whole cliff area is very unstable), but a new path is now available, although it was very muddy yesterday!  Panasonic TZ200 7/2/19
An aerial view of the area taken in August 2018.
It was quite a stormy day today with gale force winds and some big waves.   These pictures were taken from the Port Jack area early afternoon, a little while after high tide so the promenade 'splash over' had subsided a bit.  The 'Ben my Chree' to and from Heysham was cancelled and the road between Summerhill and Port Jack closed for a while due to the waves - didn't stop some people though!   Nikon D7100  8/2/18
10th February
Some aerial photography of the old Honey Hill Farm buildings, not far from Creg-ny-Baa.  This is not your usual abandoned upland Tholtan although still at over 700 ft above sea level, but was taken over by the Water Board in the 1940s to protect supplies running into the reservoirs below.
DJI Spark  10/2/19
Following on from the aerial photography at Honey Hill, I continued around the Glen Roy road for some ground level pictures.
Panasonic TZ200  10/2/19
11th February
Aerial pictures of the beach at Laxey and one from Clay Head yesterday morning.   DJI Spark  10/2/19
13th February
Aerial pictures from two flights on Monday morning, operating from either side of the Gob ny Rona headland south of Ramsey.  The photography was made a little difficult by needing to operate over the sea and looking into a low winter sun which was glinting off the water and wet sands.
DJI Phantom 4 Pro  11/2/19
A few final pictures at Port Lewaigue and Port e Vullen, cropped for a wider perspective view.
15th February
A set of pictures taken yesterday afternoon on a circular walk from Port Erin to the Calf Sound, returning via Cregneash.  The walk was 5.5 miles long, going from sea level up to nearly 500ft - twice!  I spent 2.5 hours on it, stopping to take pictures regularly.  Panasonic TZ200  14/2/19
16th February
Some pictures from yesterday afternoon, taken on a walk in Groudle Glen.  Panasonic TZ200  15/2/19
19th February
Walking around the City of Peel after lunch at The Creek inn.   Panasonic TZ200 18/2/19
23rd February
A set of pictures taken on a walk around Laxey yesterday afternoon.   Panasonic TZ200 22/2/19
25th February
Yesterday afternoon I went for a walk in the Tholt-y-Will Plantation, starting from the Druidale Road. The plantation is on the opposite side of Sulby Glen from the Tholt-y-Will Glen and contains two interesting old tholtans, or abandoned farms.  The first I visited is Sharragh Bedn, which is easily seen from the forest track, but the second one, Craigmooar, is well hidden in the trees and it's easy to walk past on the track without realizing it.
Panasonic TZ200  24/2/19
26th February
After my visit to the two tholtans in Tholt-y-Will plantation on Sunday afternoon, yesterday I went to the third one on the same slopes to take some aerial pictures of it.  This is Killabrega, a bit further to the north and outside the plantation area.  DJI Spark  25/2/19
27th February
Aerial pictures flying from the sands of Ballure Beach, Ramsey, mainly to get some pictures of the Queen's Pier.  After years of neglect and having been closed to the public, a trust has been established to restore it:  Queen's Pier Restoration Trust
DJI Phantom 4 Pro  26/2/19
28th February
A short  walk on Tuesday afternoon from Port Grenaugh past Arragon and returning via the coast path on a sunny and unseasonably warm afternoon.
Panasonic TZ200  26/2/19
After the sunny and warm weather of the previous few days, Wednesday was very dull, with fog affecting the island.
Panasonic TZ200  27/2/19
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham