January 2019
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2nd January
Pictures taken on a New Year's Day stroll around St John's yesterday afternoon.  Panasonic TZ200 1/1/19
5th January
A visit to the City of Peel yesterday afternoon.  A dull and overcast day with pictures taken from mid afternoon until it was almost completely dark. 
I'm very impressed with the capability of the Panasonic TZ200 compact to produce quality pictures in very low light conditions.  4/1/19
10th January
Some aerial photography in the Tholt y Will and Sulby Reservoir areas yesterday morning , looking mainly at the ancient Keeil (chapel) site and the two Tholtans (abandoned farms) located here on the hilltop above Sulby Glen.    DJI Spark  9/1/19
11th January
Mainly Aerial pictures from Niarbyl and Traie Vane (The White Beach) on Wednesday afternoon, with a few ground level shots mixed in.
DJI Phantom 4 Pro & Panasonic TZ200  9/1/19
15th January
Sunrays over the Irish Sea from home on Friday morning. The pictures were take over a period of about fifteen minutes.  -  Panasonic TZ200 11/1/19
Some pictures taken on a stoll along the Marine Drive yesterday afternoon.  Panasonic TZ200  14/1/19
18th January
Some Aerial photography in the Cregneash and Spanish Head areas yesterday afternoon.  After a bright and sunny start to the day it had unfortunately clouded over by the time I arrive on sight, but I still managed four flights and took some reasonable pictures.  DJI Spark  17/1/19
Some ground level shots taken on the walk back from Spanish Head to Cregneash.   Panasonic TZ200  17/1/19
21st January
A small weather 'window' suitable for some Small Unmanned Aircraft flying opened on Sunday morning and I visited Garwick Beach, a lovely location
on the east coast between Onchan and Laxey.  DJI Spark  20/1/19
On the way home from Garwick I stopped at Axnfell for a short check flight and captured this panorama under lowering clouds.
24th January
After some overnight snow on the high ground, I went out to take some aerial pictures in the Snaefell area.  However, despite Onchan being in sunshine, it was still snowing up there, so I took some ground level photos while hoping the weather would clear enough to fly.  Panasonic TZ200 23/1/19
After a while the weather started to clear and I was able to get two flights in, the first from the moorland track leading from Moutain Box to the north of Snaefell and the second from the lower slopes of Mullagh Ouyr, south of Snaefell.  DJI Phantom 4 Pro  23/1/19
29th January
A visit to the Injebreck area late yesterday afternoon, around sunset.   Nikon D7100  28/1/19
30th January
After a lot of rain overnight, I revisited the Injebreck waterfall for some more pictures with a higher water flow, followed by a short walk in the adjoining plantation and a look at the snow on the higher ground by the Brandywell Road and Bungalow.   Nikon D7100  29/1/19
Taking a short walk along a nearby forest track  (the one time 'Govenor Loch's Road), I found these amazing moss covered trees, followed by a view across the valley that I don't think I'd seen before.  The views from forest tracks can change due to tree felling and re-planting.
Snow by the Mountain Road at the Brandywell Road junction and Bungalow.
1st February
Winter snowshowers passing to the south of the island.   Panasonic TZ200 30/1/19
A winter stroll along Whitestrand Beach, the temperature was only 2 Celsius but the beach was sheltered from the cold easterly wind.
Panasonic TZ200  31/1/19
Three pictures taken during the walk, presented in a slightly larger and wider format.
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham