December 2015
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5th December
Pictures taken in Laxey yesterday morning. The previous evening heavy rains had caused serious flooding in the lower part of the village
with the Laxey River overflowing its banks and running along the road down into the village.  Part of the bridge by The Shore Hotel had collapsed under a double decker bus,fortunately with no injuries.. The waters had considerably subsided by the time of the photographs.   Nikon D7100  4/12/15
7th December
A picture take yesterday morning at Derbyhaven, when we had a day withouth strong winds or rain!   Nikon D7100  6/12/15
8th December
A set of pictures taken on a stroll around the City of Peel yesterday afternoon   Nikon D7100  7/12/15
19th December
Some 'Away' pictures taken on our short trip to Scotland last week.   Panasonic TZ60
Loch Lomond, Loch Long and the Gare Loch  12/15/15
George Square, Glasgow  15/12/15
22nd December
Christmas lights in Douglas  Nikon D7100  20/12/15
28th December
Pictures taken on a short cycle ride around the Abbeylands area this afternoon   Panasonic TZ60  28/12/15
31st December
Pictures taken yesterday morning and afternoon as storm 'Frank' passed by the island
Port Soderick and Keristal  -   Panasonic TZ60  30/12/15
Douglas  -  Panasonic TZ60  30/12/15
Castletown  -  Nikon D7100  30/12/15
The Calf Sound  -  Nikon D7100 30/12/15
New Year's Eve sunrise through a rain covered window at home - by mid-day it was just raining!   -  Panasonic TZ60  31/12/15
A bit of a stormy looking sky after sunset to end the year with!    -    Panasonic TZ60 31/12/15
I think that's the end of picture taking for me for 2015, I hope you've enjoyed my various offerings during the year and will come back next year for some more!  New inovations for 2015 included aerial shots taken using a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter, or Drone, but nome since September due to a lack of suitable flying days when I've been available.  The Island Images FaceBook page was started in ernest this year although the quality of pictures as reproduced by FB is not as good as on the website.  The FB page can be found here
Something I've just started experimenting with today is uploading short video recordings to YouTube.  The first one is of the waves hitting Castletown breakwater yesterday afernoon.  My YouTube channel can be found here
Overall, I have added 1,259 'general' Isle of Man pictures to the site in 2015,  plus 401 pictures of the island's Railways and 228 of Aircraft operating in the island.  Also a selection of 'Away' pictures taken on holidays and trips 'across'
As the wind and rain is battering the windows here again tonight, I'll leave you with a picture from a sunnier and warmer day, taken on the coast road between Peel and Kirk Michael in May of this year.  Wishing you all the best for 2016!
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham