November 2015
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10 November
Having not been out of the house so far this month due to picking up an infection, I saw the opportunity late this afternoon for some pictures out of the window at sunset.    Nikon D7100  10/11/15
16 November
First trip out of the house in two weeks and some pictures taken by the River Glass in Tromode this morning.  Nikon D7100  16/11/15
Some pictures taken from the Tromode to Castleward footpath
20th November
A few pictures taken yesterday on a short visit to the Marine Drive and Douglas Head.    Panasonic TZ60  19/11/15
21 November
In Ramsey yesterday afternoon   Panasonic TZ60  20/11/15
22 November
Yesterday morning in the West Baldwin Valley    Nikon D7100  21/1/15
23 November
Taken on a short visit to Douglas Harbour this afternoon, just before the rain started!   Panasonic TZ60  23/11/15
1 December
Some pictures taken late yesterday afternoon on a stroll around Castletown    Nikon D7100  30/11/15
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham