May 2015
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2nd May
A trip out to the west coast north of Peel on a sunny afternoon with great visibility. Pictures taken with Panasonic TZ60 compact  1/5/15
3rd May
These pictures were taken late on this morning after a night of heavy rain. Pictures with Nikon D7100 & Panasonic TZ60 3/5/15
5th May
We went for a walk around Peel yesterday afternoon, these are some pictures taken with the Panasonic TZ60 4/5/15
8th May
Some aerial pictures taken on two flying sessions yesterday.  The first set were taken in the morning, flying from three locations, just off
the Brandywell Road then two separate locations off the Tholt-y-Will Road.  DJI Phantom 2 Vision +  7/5/15
Pictures from a second flying session in the afternoon, at Port Grenaugh
17th May
A few 'away' pictures from a quick trip down to the south west of England last week.  We stayed at The Mill in Little Norton, Somerset, which is not far from Yeovil and a lovely place to stay with extensive gardens to wander around and several apartments look directly over the millpond.
We had time for a day trip to 'A la Ronde' an unusual 18th century circular house near Exmouth, now a National Trust Property
Our transport for this trip
18th May
Some pictures taken yesterday morning on a wander around Castletown Harbour - Nikon D7100  17/5/15
21st May
A visit to Ballaglass Glen yesterday afternoon, mainly to see and photograph the bluebells, which were really not at their best, but it's a
lovely place to stroll around and there's always plenty to photograph there.  Nikon D7100 20/5/15
22nd May
Some aerial pictures taken around Sulby Glen on Thursday morning.  DJI Phantom 2 Vision +  21/5/15
It was a bit dull for the first ones above Tholt-y-Will.
Further down into Sulby Glen
From above Sulby Glen by Killabrega Farm
24th May
I've had a few enquiries as to the nature of the quadcopter I've been using for these aerial shots.  It's a DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus and 
here's a few pictures taken during the Thursday flying sessions.  Panasonic TZ60  21/5/15
25th May
Pictures taken in Douglas  23/5/15  Panasonic TZ60
These pictures were taken on a bike ride to Injebreck Reservoir.  'Impressive Art' mode Panasonic TZ60  23/5/15
Panoramas at Snaefell Summit - Panasonic TZ60  24/5/15
The new statue honouring the Laxey Miners - Panasonic TZ60  24/5/15
30th May
Some more aerial pictures, taken from Peel Hill this morning.  DJI Phantom 2 Vision +
31st May
Two pictures taken yesterday morning on the way down Peel Hill   Panasonic TZ60 30/5/15
Three pictures taken this morning   Panasonic TZ60  31/5/15
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham