December 2014
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5th December
A few more 'Travels' pictures from Glasgow
Returning home Wednesday 3rd on the 'Ben-my-Chree' with a flat calm sea
6th December
Some pictures taken on a trip out yesterday morning
Taken yesterday afternoon on a visit to Douglas
8th December
Pictures taken in the Scarlett area yesterday morning
The pictures below are of buildings that survive from the WW2 Chain Home radar station constructed at Scarlett in 1940 as part of the defensive network around the coast of Great Britain. There were two other Chain Home station on the IOM, at Dalby and Bride and a Chain Home Low
radar station on Mull Hill, above Cregneash. Originally the transmitter and receiver buildings were completely covered with earth to
protect against bomb damage, but this has been eroded over time.
Douglas in the afternoon
9th December
At The Sound and Port Erin yesterday
11th December
Stormy seas at Peel yesterday afternoon
12th December
Some overnight snow showers left quite a covering on the high ground this morning
13th December
'Santa Trains' on the Steam Railway this morning. Seventeen pictures are in Railways 2014 Pt 4
15th December
These pictures should probably really be in the Railway section of the site, but I thought I'd put them in the main section as they are
re-worked photographs, dating back to the 1990s in some cases, processed using Corel Painter Essentials. They depict the 'single digit' numbered locomotives from No 1 to No 9 all built in the 19th century and with the exception of 'Loch' none are currently in service. Engine No 2 'Derby' and No 7 'Tynwald' no longer exist and No 3 'Pender' is a sectioned exhibit in a Manchester Museum.
20th December
Some pictures taken this afternoon in the Glen Vine area
Marown Old Church
21st December
Some more pictures from yesterday afternoon
St Mark's
Derbyhaven & Fort Island
24th December
Around the Laxey area this morning
A Sparrowhawk in our back garden
Christmas Eve in Douglas
27th December
Nice view through the front window this morning, looking down to Douglas Head, then the third picture is taken in a heavy hail shower!
28th December
Late yesterday afternoon in the Brandywell & Druidale area
31st December
Two pictures taken with two days between them, sunset on Sunday 28th and sunrise on Tuesday 30th
A nice walk in the sunshine yesterday morning, to the summit of South Barrule, via the South Barrule quarry
Just had a quick count up on the last day of 2014, at the end of 15 years of Island Images. Over the past year I have posted 1,118 pictures of the Isle of Man, 251 pictures of the island's railways and 299 Aircraft pictures taken here.  'Away' pictures not counted.  I hope you have enjoyed looking at them and will continue with more in 2015. Wishing all visitors best wishes for the New Year!
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham