November 2014
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15th November
Last of the pictures from Lanzarote, taken in the first week of November
Flying back with Jet2 from Arrecife to Manchester on the 6th, passing north Africa and then an amazing moonrise just as the sun was setting.
Taken through the aircraft cabin windows with the Panasonic TZ10 compact.
15th November
A trip to Port Erin last Wednesday (12th)
Pictures from last Sunday (9th), taken on a social visit to Isle of Man Flight Training at Ronaldsway
16th November
Pictures taken on a trip to Ramsey yesterday afternoon
17th November
Pictures taken this morning in the Baldwin valleys area
18th November
Some pictures taken with the compact camera on a bike ride this morning from home
22nd November
A walk in the Dhoon Glen this morning
Fungi growing in the beechwood at the top of Dhoon Glen
Sunset yesterday evening, taken from home
24th November
Morning and afternoon shots today, Douglas Bay
4th December
Some pictures taken 'across' on a visit in late November to northern England and Scotland
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham