September 2014
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7th September
Catching up with some general pictures taken over the last week
8th September
As many of you might know, not least through the medium of Facebook, yesterday was my last day working in Air Traffic Control
at Ronaldsway - here's a few pictures.
Not too many places you can work that boast views like this!
9th September
Pictures taken yesterday morning on a walk around the Tholt-y-Will road area, above Sulby Glen
Some of the pictures from yesterday, in monochrome
11th September
A few pictures taken yesterday afternoon in Port Erin
12th September
Seaside pics on the west coast yesterday afternoon
22nd September
Some pictures taken yesterday on a bike ride in the north of the island starting at Sulby Cladagh, about 21 miles in total but not too many hills on the route! The last two pictures were taken in Sulby Glen on the drive home. Pictures taken with Panasonic TZ10 compact camera.
23rd September
Some pictures taken at Scarlett on a stroll around yesterday afternoon.
25th September
Reflections in the Groudle River, yesterday afternoon
A few more from yesterday afternoon
These were taken after the sky had clouded over and the lighting was quite flat, but with a contrasty sky. I used the
'Auto HDR' feature on the Panasonic FZ72 and it worked quite well with handheld shots.
26th September
Two pictures taken yesterday in Douglas using the TZ10 compact
27th September
These pictures were taken yesterday trying out a new Nikon D7100 DSLR camera, in the Glen Rushen area
A post sunset view towards South Barrule from home
29th September
Pictures taken yesterday on and after the visit to the Groudle Glen Railway
Another nice sunset from home
30th September
Some coastal pictures taken using the TZ10 compact camera on yesterday's bike ride in the south of the island.
It was a very calm and still afternoon, if cloudy, but with hardly a ripple on the sea surface
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham