August 2014
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5th August
Some pictures taken on an evening bike ride from home last night via the west and east Baldwin valleys.
About 12.5 miles in total but with quite a few hills up and down on the way! Pictures taken on Panasonic TZ10 compact camera
6th August
A quick visit to Peel yesterday afternoon to see the Viking longship Draken Harald Hårfagre back in port with her new mast
11th August
Some pictures taken over the last few days
13th August
Some pictures taken at Beckwith's mine yesterday afternoon, just before the heavy rain started
16th August
Pictures from a short coastal walk from Port Mooar to Maughold head and back on Thursday afternoon
18th August
From my window this afternoon as ships wait to pick up pilots for the Port Of Liverpool as the Manannan departs
Four pictures taken near Port Soderick on the way into work this morning
19th August
Two pictures taken at dawn this morning, from the control tower at Ronaldsway
21st August
Looks like it's going to be a smooth crossing as the 'Ben-my-Chree' sets out on her evening sailing to Heysham last night
The Manannan captured inbound to Douglas today.
22nd August
A slight detour from my intended photo destination to try and capture a rainbow!
Around Port Cornaa (after the rain!)
23rd August
Some more pictures from yesterday, Maughold village and views from Maughold Head
25th August
Pictures taken on Saturday afternoon's bike ride around the Upper Cornaa and Laxey Valleys
Some wild bird pictures, at Ramsey Harbour of Friday and in my back garden on Saturday
29th August
A quick stop at Port Soderick on the way home from an early shift, lunchtime today
Sunset tonight, taken on the HTC One (M8) phone camera, just cropped slightly to remove distracting sheep!
31st August
Some pictures taken on a shopping visit to Ramsey yesterday morning
Goldfinches on the garden feeders
1st September
Pictures taken using the Panasonic TZ10 compact camera on a bike ride yesterday morning on the Onchan and Lonan areas
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham