May 2014
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1st May
Four pictures taken on the last day of April, at the old Rotor radar station, Bungalow
4th May
Pictures taken on Friday afternoon on a walk from Port Erin around Bradda. Total distance 6 miles.
10th May
A set of pictures taken yesterday afternoon on a stroll through Ballaglass Glen
 12th May
Pictures taken on a walk from Queen's Pier, Ramsey, to Port-e-Vullen and back
15th May
Two pictures taken at Ronaldsway after sunset on Tuesday evening
 16th May
From Ronaldsway at 05:45 this morning
17th May
Luchtime at Douglas Head yesterday
19th May
Some pictures taken this morning at various locations within Sulby Glen
Sunset from home, taken on the 16th, same as the sunrise below.
20th May
Some more pictures from yesterday in Sulby Glen, this is a ruined cottage
Still in Sulby Glen, taken using a macro lens, unfortunately taken hand held as I'd forgotten to bring a tripod!
Nikon D80 with 105mm DG Macro lens
22nd May
Some pictures taken at dusk on the way home from work yesterday evening
24th May
Two pictures shot through the windows at work yesterday afternoon, Scarlett Point & Cregneash
26th May
Pictures taken this afternoon in our tiny back garden using the macro lens
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham