April 2014
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2nd April
Some pictures taken yesterday morning on a walk across the moorland starting from Mountain Box and dropping down into Glen Auldyn.
Slightly strange weather with a lot of low cloud/fog but also some bright sunshine.
4th April
Ronaldsway Airport apron from the control tower at 21:07 last night, just waiting for the last plane of the day to land
14th April
Two pictures taken from home at around sunset last night. the first looking west and the second looking east.
 A selection of 'away' pictures taken on our visit to Chester and North Wales last week
The City of Chester
A day trip to North Wales
The Great Orme
Travelling back to the Isle of Man
19th April
Dawn at Ronaldsway this morning
 Two pictures taken from home yesterday evening
22nd April
A set of pictures taken yesterday afternoon at Killabrega, a ruined farm or Tholtan, in the hills above Sulby Glen
23rd April
Three of Monday's pictures re-worked using Corel Painter Essentials
27th April
Some pictures taken this morning on the way into work
From Carnane Hill
30th April
An evening picture taken from home looking towards South Barrule
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham