July 2013
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2nd July
Goldfinches in the back garden
4th July
Some ships at Douglas earlier this afternoon
8th July
Some evening cloud effects noticed over the last few days
A set of pictures taken yesterday afternoon on a mountain bike ride in the hills above Druidale, starting from Brandywell and
heading across the hills to the top of Ballacob, returning on the same track with a walk to the top of Slieau Curn, Distance just under 8 miles.
10th July
Some pictures from a stroll along Raad ny Foillan from Port Grenaugh to the Baltic Rock and back. The path is getting
quite overgrown in places this summer with long grass up the chest height.
13th July
Some pictures taken in Douglas on the way to work this morning
Ships in the bay this morning
14th July
An after sunset sky from home
16th July
A selection taken yesterday
Cregneash & Mull Hil
Fleshwick Bay
22nd July
A set of 'away' pictures, taken last week on the Droitwich Canal in England, helping my brother lock two boats
along the canal before they entered the River Severn
27th July
Onwards to Scotland!
The Falkirk Wheel - Opened in 2002 to connect the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal. Originally connected by 11 separate locks which has fallen into disuse in the 1930s. The wheel has two balancing boat gondolas and uses very little electrical power the transfer boats over a height of 24 metres. A tunnel and one conventional lock finally link into the Union Canal.
Some more 'away' pictures, taken at the end of July in Ayrshire
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham