June 2013
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4th June
A walk in the hills above Laxey, starting with a visit to 'King Orry's Grave'
8th June
A selection of mainly nautical pictures taken over the last week
9th June
I've been passing this field of buttercups on the Old Castletown Road regularly recently and stopped for a picture
11th June
Some pictures taken yesterday afternoon on a mountain bike ride along tracks in the Upper Cornaa and Laxey Valleys.
Rather a dull afternoon with the great views somewhat spoilt by quite a thick haze.
13th June
After some very wet weather the previous day, Wednesday morning was bright and sunny and I took a walk around the 
Langness Peninsula, the first time I had actually been right around it.
14th June
Four pictures of yesterday's amazing sunset taken on the way home from work.
A rainbow over the sea, pictured from work
20th June
Three pictures taken of last night's sunset - out of the Velux window at home
A set of pictures taken yesterday afternoon on a walk from Cronk Breac to the top of Colden. 
22nd June
A trip to Close Sartfield in the Ballagh Curragh to see the wild orchids that grow there
25th June
A very low tide and the Tower of Refuge linked to shore - taken on the way to work
Sunset over South Barrule on the way home from work on Sunday
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham