March 2013
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2nd March
Some pictures taken yesterday afternoon around the Gooseneck area, south of Ramsey.
20th March
Been away off island for two weeks staying on the Canary Island of Lanzarote.
The first few were taken from the Boeing 757 approaching the island. Due to strong southerly winds, cloud on the mountains and a very restictive approach minimum descent altutude (2000ft) on the VOR/DME approach from the north, we ended up diverting to Tenerife and didn't get back to Lanzarote until the following day, after a tropical storm had lashed the islands overnight.
Some Panoramas
Last batch of pictures from our Lanzarote trip.
22nd March
Back in a rather cold Isle of Man
Three taken from home this afternoon. Since the snowplough one it's continued to snow and you can't see the road again! Getting dark now but still snowing and very windy outside, wonder what the scene will be tomorrow morning.
Some Isle of Man pictures taken yesterday morning when it was bright and sunny, if a bit on the chilly side!
23rd March
After a lot of hard shovelling, we now have access to our road for vehicles! A snowplough did one run this morning on the main road through
the estate, creating a nice snowbank cutting off our side road, the rest was done by hand!
25th March
Some pictures taken in the snow yesterday morning
31st March
A lovely post-sunset sky, taken from home this evening
A few pictures taken yesterday on Langness
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham