February 2013
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2 February
Picture taken post-sunset tonight at 17:30 - the days are getting longer!
Four quite different pictures taken yesterday and today
This is a big Panorama of the view this lunchtime from Lhergy Cripperty, showing from Southwest to Northeast. Scroll across to take in the view!
6 February
I don't think I've ever seen so many gulls together as yesterday at Peel. I'm guessing a big shoal of fish
must have been forced towards the surface close to shore by the gales.
7 February
Playing around using HDR and some distortion on a shot taken from the window this morning. I was actually checking
for dust on the Nikon D80 sensor cover (shows up well with HDR) but quite liked the result and thought I'd share it.
One more manipulated picture today. This one was from three originals taken a few days ago, combined using HDR
and then run through the Corel Painter program oil painting setting with some hand alterations afterwards.
A set of pictures taken yesterday morning in Laxey on a sunny day but with a very cold wind blowing
13 February
Two pictures taken on Monday, the first one is one of the Manx Electric, but re-worked via Corel Painter. The second one
was taken at the same time, but looking across the bay on a quite dull day with some dramatic clouds, de-saturated to almost monochrome.
17 February
A set of pictures taken Friday afternoon on a quick visit to Niarbyl
On the way home
18 February
Two pictures taken yesterday afternoon at work.
21 February
I've been playing with Corel Painter Essentials again! Four pictures originally taken at Peel last Saturday
'Fishing Boats at Peel'
24 February
A selection of pictures taken yesterday afternoon. A bit of a mixture, some straight out of the camera, a couple of panoramas 
with two or more pictures stitched together, some produced from multiple originals using HDR and the last three with the help of Corel Painter.
25 February
A few more pictures taken on Saturday afternoon, heading north to Bride and the Point of Ayre
29 February
Yes I know there is no 29th of February this year, but it fits in better to have yesterday's pictures on a February page rather than a March one!
Interesting weather conditions yesterday morning, with bright sunshine over large areas but fog drifting along the valleys. Some pictures
taken from the Brandywell and Mountain roads.
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham