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Some of the aerial videos have no sound (Indicated by 'NS').  Run times are in brackets.
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 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham
Injebreck Waterfall
Visiting the various sections of the waterfall
15/3/24  12:20
Groudle Glen
A walk along the river from the waterwheel to the viaduct.
20/2/24  6:30
The Alt Waterfall
A quick look at this waterfall in Tholt-y-Will Glen
15/2/24 2:27
Oakhill and Keristal
A ground level walk around, finishing with some aerial shots
10/2/24 18:53
The Fairy Bridge
A short video shot around the bridge
7/2/24 05:11
The Fairy Bridge
A collection of still pictures over the years, in video format.
Eairy Beg & Glen Helen
A selection of video clips in the plantation and glen
26/1/24  05:24
Garwick Glen
Then and Now, a comparison of old photographs and modern video.
22/1/24 (9:58)
Garwick Glen
A walk down through the glen, starting at the old Manx Electric Railway station and ending up on the beach.
13/1/24 (34:10)
Port Cornaa
Starting on the beach and then walking up the glen to the waterfall and pool.  Finishing with an aerial perspective.
1/1/24 (21:24)
Glen Mooar
Walking down the glen from the old Mission Hall, past Spooyt Vane waterfall and down to the sea.
27/11/23  (23:32)
Glen Maye
The Waterfall and Beach
28/12/23  (16:30)
Llangollen, Wales
A slow motion video of the River Dee in full flow.
16/12/23  (1:53)
Chester, England
Saturnalia Celebrations in the streets
14/12/23  (6:17)
Block Eary Quarry and Slieamanagh Tholtan 
Waterfalls in the quarry and the abandoned upland farm nearby.
21/11/23  (4:18)
Groudle Glen
Starting at the beach and visiting the little water wheel and Lhen Coan Station.
24/11/23 (17:43)
Laxey, the Quarry Falls
A video of this easily missed waterfall in lower Laxey.
19/11/23  (2:07)
Ballaglass Glen
Slow motion video of the many waterfalls in the glen
21/11/23  (19:53)
Injebreck Waterfall
A slow motion video of the waterfall.
14/11/23 4:22
Dhoon Glen
A walk down the glen from the road to the sea, with some aerial footage at the waterfall and beach.
17/11/23  24:51
Tholt-y-Will Glen
A slow motion video of 
one of the waterfalls in the glen
7/11/23  (1:32 NS)
A walk through the sea caves here, 
with some aerial footage shot with a drone.
10/11/23  (7:22)
Douglas Station
IOM Railway No 13 Kissack on test in the station area.
28/2/22  (0:52)
Port Erin Station
IOM Railway No 4 Loch, departing with a train to Douglas
10/9/22  (1:16)
Douglas Promenade 
Refurbishment work still going on, this is the 'Cultural Zone' by the Gaiety Theatre.
29/8/21  (1:39  NS)
Douglas Promenade 
The northerly of the two new 'roundels', at the Broadway Junction.
29/8/21  (3:16 NS)
Castletown Station
IOM Railway No 4 Loch, departs towards Colby and Port Erin
13/8/21  (0:53)
The Fairy Bridge
A tranquil moment at the 'real' fairy bridge.
18/8/21  (0:21)
Douglas Promenade
A rather bumpy drive along the promenade at the 
height of the 'Improvement Scheme'
23/8/20  (6:10)
Colby Station
IOM Railway No 13 Kissack with a train from Port Erin to Douglas
30/7/20  (0:42)
Douglas Station
Manx Northern Railway No 4 Caledonia, departs with a train for Port Erin
24/7/20  (1:24)
Crogga House
The Crogga Valley Miniature Railway
7/3/20  (2:08)
The Groudle Glen Railway
Sea Lion departing from Lhen Coan station for Sea Lion Rocks
19/5/19  (0:46) 
The Groudle Glen Railway
Heading back down into the glen on a train from Sea Lion Rocks
19/5/19 (0:59)
Crogga House
The Crogga Valley Miniature Railway
22/6/19  (5:20 NS)
Port Soderick
An aerial flypast at low level from south to north
21/8/19  (2:34 NS)
Crogga House
An Isle of Man Steam Railway train passing.
30/6/18  (2:55 NS)
Castletown Breakwater
Big waves hitting the Breakwater
30/12/15  1:28
 Unless otherwise credited all pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham