Steam Railway Stock
The Carriages and other rolling stock of the
Isle of Man Steam railway
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Bogie Coaches

F9  Bogie  Composite       
Built 1881 Brown Marshalls 

F10  Bogie  Composite    
Built 1881 Brown Marshalls 

F11  Bogie  Composite    
Built 1881 Brown Marshalls 

F15  Bogie  Composite   
Built 1894 Brown Marshalls  

F18  Bogie  Composite    
Built 1894 Brown Marshalls 

F21  Bogie Composite    
Built 1896 MRCW Saltley

F23  Bogie Composite    
Built 1896 MRCW Saltley, Body broken up 1983 

F25  Bogie Third 
Built 1896 MRCW Saltley 

F26  Bogie Third    
Built 1896 MRCW Saltley  

F40  Bogie Guard Third    
Built 1907 MRCW Saltley (Body broken up1977, frames scrapped 2011) 

F41  Bogie Guard Third    
Built 1907 MRCW Saltley Body scrapped in 2001) 

F43  Bogie Guard Third
Built 1908 MRCW Saltley 

F44  Bogie Guard Third    
Built 1908 MRCW Saltley (Body broken up 1983)  

F45  Bogie Guard Third   
Built 1913 MRCW Saltley 

F46  Bogie Guard Third    
Built 1913 MRCW Saltley 

F47 Bogie Guard Third    
Built 1923 MRCW Saltley 

F48  Bogie Guard third    
Built 1923 MRCW Saltley  

F49  Bogie Guard Third    
Built 1926 MRCW Saltley  

Luggage Vans
F27 & F28  Bogie Luggage Vans
Built 1897 MRCW Saltley 

Saloon Coaches

F29  Bogie Saloon Third 
Built 1905 MRCW Saltley  

F30  Bogie Saloon Third    
Built 1905 MRCW Saltley, rebuild completed 2011 

F31  Bogie Saloon Third   
Built 1905 MRCW Saltley, Modified in 1984 with corridor connections. 

F32  Bogie Saloon Third    
Built 1905 MRCW Saltley, modified in 1984 with corridor connections, rebuild completed 2011  

F33  Bogie Guard Third     
Built 1905 MRCW Saltley (Body scrapped in 1983) 

F35  Bogie Saloon Composite   
Built 1905 MRCW Saltley, modified 1984 with corridor connections & Bar area.  

F36  Bogie Saloon Composite        
Built 1905 MRCW Saltley, modified 1963 - The Royal Coach, Preserved at Port Erin Museum 

'The Foxdale Coach'

F39  Bogie Guard Composite    
Built 1887 Oldbury RC&W Co.  (The Foxdale Coach) 

The 'Pairs' Coaches, produced by mounting 4 wheel coach bodies on new bogie underframes
C1  4 wheel  Guard Second (preserved at Peel)    
Built 1873 MRCW Saltley (rebuilt with B19 in 1912 to form F64)  

F50  Bogie Third    
Built 1925 from B7 (1873/4) & B8 (1873/4) Body Broken up 1974, has MNR Cleminson N41 body stored on it (This is probably F64 in fact!) 

F54  Bogie Guard Composite    
Built 1923 from A7 (1874) & C10 (1873/4) Body completely rebuilt 1997 

F57  Bogie Third    
Built 1919 from B16 (1873/4) & B20 (1873/4) Body broken up 1995 

F62  Bogie Composite 
Built 1926 from A1 (1873) & B1 (1873/4) 

F63  Bogie Third  
Built 1920 from B6 (1873/4) & B10 (1873/4) 
 F64 Bogie Third  
Built from B22 & C1 (Body partially broken up, but see C1 above) 

F65  Bogie Third    
Built 1910 from B22 (1873/4) & C7 (1873/4) Body broken up 1973, converted to ballast hopper  

F66 Bogie Third    
Built 1920 from B11 (1873/4) & B15 (1873/4) Body rebuilt 1979? 

F67  Bogie Third (in store)    
Built 1922 from B23 (1873/4) & C14 (1873/4) 

F70  Bogie Third    
Built 1922 from B9 (1873/4) & B14 (1873/4) Body broken up and rebuilt as ballast hopper 

F71  Bogie Third    
Built 1911 from B12 (1873/4) & C5 (1873/4) Body broken up 

F73  Bogie Composite    
Built 1920 from A4 (1873) & D1 (1873/4) Body broken up 

F74  Bogie Composite   
Built 1921 from A11 ( 1874) & C11 (1873/4) 

F75  2 x 4 wheel  Saloon bodies on new bogie underframe, Preserved Port Erin Museum    
Built 1926 from A12 (1873) & C9 (1873/4) 

Six Wheel Coaches

N41  6 wheel  First
Built 1879 Swansea Wagon Co (MNR 2) 

N42  6 wheel Composite   
Built 1879 Swansea Wagon Co (MNR 3) 

N45  6 wheel Guard Third  
Built 1879 Swansea Wagon Co (MNR 6) 

Freight Stock

G1  4 wheel Van   
Built 1873 MRCW Saltley 

G12  4 wheel Van   
Built 1879 Swansea Wagon Co.  (MNR 15) 

G19  4 wheel Van (in store)   
Built 1921 IOM Railway Co (Chassis from E3) 

H1  3 plank Open   
Original built 1873 MRCW Saltley  

M70  2 plan Open    
Built 1926 MRCW Saltley  

M78  2 plank Open    
Built 1926 MRCW Saltley 

Miscellaneous & Unidentified  
Island Images