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Part Three  August - December
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All pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham
Some chance shots of MER Car No 20 at Dhoon Glen halt.  I was actually about to start on a walk down to the beach when I heard the tram approaching
and waited for it to arrive before continuing my walk.
The last day of scheduled services for 2023 on the Isle of Man railways.  In the morning I concentrated on the steam railway between Douglas and Castletown stations.
In the afternoon I went to get some pictures on the Manx Electric Railway.
2/12/23 & 3/12/23
The first two days of The Shed cafe's 'Little Festival Shedanigans' events that are running each weekend until the 23rd December (all sold out I'm afraid!). In conjunction with the Manx Electric Railway, tramd run from Laxey to the Dhoon Glen, where the Little Shed Cafe provides refreshments and entertainments for adults and kids.
 I also shot two videos, the first one was on the Saturday event and from ground level.  The second was on Sunday and just an aerial view of the two trams passing near the line summit above Bulgam Bay.  There's no sound on the second one unfortunately, as I forgot to turn on the separate audio recorder!
Click a button to view either video.
The Steam Railway has been running a series of 'Polar Express' trains this month, running between Douglas and Santon and I managed to catch up with one on the last day of it's operation.  The main aim was to shoot some video of the operation, but I also included some still shots.
Click the button below to see the YouTube video of the 'Polar Express'
All pictures on this website are  © Jon Wornham